“I want to teach women that having that dream body is a marathon, and not a sprint.”

Rushda Moosajee, professionally and fondly known as RUSHTUSH, is a 34-year old qualified personal trainer and online coach. She is a mother of almost two boys and has been in the Health and Fitness industry for the past 11 years. Based in Cape Town, she helped facilitate the opening of a functional personal training gym. Later branching off on her own, she found the need to offer a unique and specialised experience for women only. At the time there was nothing available to women that made them feel safe and secure. Rushda’s methods have been formulated over the years based on what has yielded the best results for the countless women she’s trained in the gym and online. Her main focus of training is to reinforce the female body to strengthen weaknesses, correct imbalances and fix postural challenges. Through training all stages of women she is able to address every skill and fitness level with a variety of approaches. 

She has also built an online community based on a portfolio of training guides and eating plans that has changed the lives of women and their families globally. You can transfer your eating with her Glow Cleanse, Winter Glow Cleanse, Momma Glow Diet for Nursing Moms, Ramadan Diet for fasting and Naked Glow Diet for cutting and leaning. She runs DIY transformation challenges, trains at fit events and attends functions as a motivational speaker. She closed her own gym, Glow Women’s Physique Studio in 2019, to focus on her second pregnancy and expand her global brand offering.

She has currently been working hard on launching her second APP, this offering is purely RUSHTUSH Fitness. RUSHTUSH exclusive training programs can be purchased through a subscription basis. You will have access to her methods and carry Rushda in your pocket. Programs for Beginners to Advanced, Fitness Drills, Pregnancy Training as well as Post Partum and Recovery Training. She’s included outdoor training, stairs workouts, kettlebells in the mountain and more. Be prepared to work with kettlebells like a pro, odd lifting like bags and balls, bodyweight work, animal and yoga flows and more.

Nutrition and fitness is not the only element of the Rushtush brand. She does have another app, RUSHTUSH Life, where you can shop her Pharmaceutical Range that includes a Rushtush Whey, a Metabolic Spray and a Gluc Support Pill. She is releasing a Rushtush Collagen as well. These are stimulant-free nutritional medicines to compliment the nutritional eating plans already available on her website. She also has an Athleisure Range you can shop on the app, showcasing iconic and ready-to-wear lounge / street pieces. Last but certainly not least, you can also shop her Rushtush Beauty range this summer which she launched November 2019 with her very own Lip Paint.

Stay tuned for more. Rushda is not only a personal trainer and an online coach but a resourceful business woman, building a legacy and expanding her lifestyle offering while enjoying growing her family. Looking to connect with us? Follow @rushtush on Instagram & Twitter.