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QUICK TRUTHS on How To Lose Belly Fat by Rushda

1. How does a diet help in losing belly fat?

I strongly dislike the word ‘diet’, I prefer the term ‘lifestyle guideline’, but yes a structured eating plan of controlled calories will result in fat loss over time. Time is the most important factor here, which is why I stress on the term lifestyle.

The aim of a diet is to re train the mind to develop good habits over a long period of time, and hopefully forever. This is how one decreases fat. Note that you cannot target fat loss areas. Your body will shave off fat from everywhere. Although there are definitely ways to get a more toned flat tummy. Start by cutting out processed foods. I call it fake food. Go back to basics, eat your macros (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) as they were intended by God. Keep it clean and simple, enjoy real food, eating healthy is fun and exciting. Over the years humans have complicated food and drink. Drink plenty of water. Cut out sugars.

2. What are the best exercises to lose your belly fat?

Many people think that toning your mid section and achieving a flat stomach has everything to do with ab routines. Remember your waist and abs are muscles and if you train them hard enough, you create trauma and following trauma is growth. So you could create a thicker more swollen mid section if you don’t know what you’re doing and most importantly negligent with your nutrition. These are my 5 TIPS on how to beat the bloat ad drop body fat.

1. Make a healthy shopping list, have your menu and meals planned for the next few days. This makes healthy eating and snacking easier.

2. Exercise mindful eating. Less stress and emotional eating. Address your trigger and manage your emotions better. Eat when you are hungry, not needy.

3. Eat smaller portions. Don’t have seconds. Eat until comfortable, not full.

4. Cardio 4-5 p/ week. Examples of cardio: Brisk walking, jogging, running, hiking, dancing, cycling, skipping, swimming, yoga, boxing.

6. Weight training at least twice per week. Full body workouts operating at moderate to high intensity. This will add muscle mass onto the body and burn fat even when you’re not in the gym.


5. What nutrition advice do you have to maintain a flat belly?

1. Try to eat lean protein at every meal. It will keep you fuller for longer and help you add muscle. We lose muscle as we age, even if we are keeping active. We need to put in the work to maintain our bodies strength and prevent us from falling a apart. its not only about having a tight mid section. Healthy eating should go beyond the aesthetic and address longevity.

2. Load up on your GREENS. Try to eat GREENS everyday. Spinach, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, brussell sprouts.

3. Hot water with lemon upon rising is a great way to feel energized and regular.

4. Avoid anything that is a liquid that’s not water lol. Juice, fizzy drinks, “health drinks,” and even miracle shakes. It’s all a set up.

6. What advice can you give for new moms on how to get their belly fat back to pre pregnancy?

Wrapping and binding your belly post partum is so important. I wrapped and slept in spanx. Your skin has gradually been stretching for 10 months, it will take time to shrink back to what it was before. Over time the bloatedness will leave you just hang in there.

Get moving asap. Listen to what your body says, don’t be afraid to do some movement, the road to recovery is gentle, all you need to do is start!

I also have MOMMA GLOW DIET for NURSING MOMS, that will assist with mothers to get their healthy eating back on track.

if you are not nursing, then my Glow Cleanse is the 8 week nutrition cleanse your body needs. available here:

Love Rush

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