I Want to Get Fit but I Don’t Know How to Start?


How to build a home gym

You don’t need to have a membership to START a fitness change. All you need is yourself, some space and a plan. If the weather isn’t favourable for an outdoor mission, don’t fret, your lounge and a playlist will do. You can start off with BODYWEIGHT movements and exercises. Try collecting odd dumbbells from siblings and family members. Buy a Pilates ball, a medicine ball, ankle weights and even a kettlebell, if you’re planning on getting serious. I love a jump rope, they’re so affordable as well. None of this equipment will ever go to waste. 


Create A Vision Board
Build your visual, your mood board and be realistic. Don’t compare yourself to other people; it’s all about focusing on traits, elements that you envision for yourself. It’s not about becoming someone else butabout creating a better, stronger, fitter and healthier you. Be very specific about the visuals you use.

Draw Up a Schedule
Drawing up my workout schedule for the week gave me butterflies, every single time. Planning out the days you would do WEIGHTS, REST and CARDIO will give you a clear outline what is required bare minimum. Setting small goals week by week build in second nature habits for the rest of your life. It also puts your schedule into perspective. Am I training too much? Am I resting enough? Is this unrealistic? Will it create self-loathing if I don’t make my sessions? These are questions we often overlook. Don’t be over ambitious. Do what you can. Training too much is counter-productive and very unhealthy to anyone’s goals. Also learn to be flexible. Being too rigid can create more stress. We want happy stress free carefree babes.

Draw Up Your Workout
Know exactly what you’re going to do before you get there. Before you enter the gym or start your workout make sure you have a plan. Even I draw up a small workout on my phone. Why go to the supermarket without a list, then get home and cook off the method? It’s vital to stick to rep ranges and sets, set out for the workout and the day; even your workouts need structure and progression. If you’re unsure on how to do this I’ve drawn up a training programme for beginners on my fitness app which is a strong base to help you establish the fundamentals and set you up for the rest of your fitness journey. If you’re training without equipment, at home or while traveling I’ve drawn up Bodyweight Babe Challenge, which is also available on the RushTushFit App


How long should my workouts be?
30-45 minutes is enough. From start to finish. 30 minute workouts should be more intense. Consistency is better than intensity. I would prefer my clients trained consistently over a long period of time, rather than too intensely for a short period of time with many breaks in between. Training intensely for 90 minutes and doubling up on sessions only causes stress on the body, disrupts sugar levels in the body and cause hormone imbalances.

How often should I weight train to see results? What do I do for the rest of the week?
Twice per week weight lifting at a very intense and structured program is perfect. The rest of the week should be cardio, fitness and mind workouts. For me running outside is considered mind and cardio. Biskop would be fitness. Boxing would be fitness and upper body. Trail running falls under mind and body. Best results for females would be training split body parts twice per week. This gives the muscles enough time to grow and recover to reap optimum muscle definition. I prefer splitting legs with glutes and then upper body and abs. All workouts are functional with a few isolated free weight movements. 2 x WEIGHT sessions, 2 x CARDIO sessions, 1 x FITNESS session and 1 x MIND session = 6 sessions out of a 7 day week. is more than enough. If you’re looking to trim down and your body bulk is your biggest concern, then CARDIO & FULL BODY workouts should be your focus.

How long before I see results?
12 weeks of consistent training. If you miss a day here and there, catch a cold or just taking care of your health, it’s no big deal, just start every day new. Get back on the track. after 1 week you will feel the difference but only after 2 months (8 weeks) you will start to see a physical change. A significant difference will occur after 3 months. You should look at 500g of healthy weight loss per week. Give yourself a chance in your new routine before you give up and throw in the towel, saying “things aren’t working!” the magic happens day after day. Give yourself a chance. 

*TIP* take before pictures. Front, back and sides. Make collages and compare your progress.

If you feel you need more help, beyond kicking it on your own. I’m more than happy to help.

Love Rush

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