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Detox Flu

Ever cut out processed sugars and eat your veggies, only to “fall ill”? It’s called a Detox Flu. 

Doing too much too soon all at once does put your body under a lot of stress. It’s no surprise it will go into a bit of shock. Many women panic. Report intense headaches, joint aches, body pains and exhaustion. There is no need to panic. Your body is adjusting and going through withdrawals from inflammatory foods like sugars, caffeine, gluten and dairy it might have been surviving on. The very same way a cocaine addict might go through withdrawals. The severity of your Detox Flu may be severe. It is dependent on how poor your diet was prior to your lifestyle change.

For me personally over the years, I always tend to follow a healthy Detox diet most of the time. I’m especially diligent after a bout of sickness. I hate antibiotics and hard drugs. A Detox routine is essential to me after hospitalisation, for example, when I had my c section or even after a chest infection. Sometimes we cannot avoid medication. A short intense Detox gives the body a chance to rebalance its digestive system and take the burden off its organs. You will soon get your body into a mode of healing quicker after bouts of sickness when it can operate smoothly to flush out toxins. Your body will be going through a lot of work to release all the toxins. Allow it to do so. I find many people who eat relatively healthily don’t suffer as badly. If you’ve been neglecting your health and abusing our body you can expect to feel like road kill. Note that this means your Detox / cleanse is working. Trust the process and have faith. I’ve put together tips on how to cope and manage with terrible symptoms.

1. STAY HYDRATED Drink plenty of water all day throughout the day. I even find myself drinking water throughout the night. Flush out all those toxins. Your kidneys are working over time, don’t neglect trips to the toilet either. Empty your bladder as often as you can.

2. Replenish with Electrolytes make sure that you are not starving. The detox you are following should be rich of wholesome food on a balanced menu. My go to for electrolyte replenishment is coconut water. Make sure your cleanse includes supplements like Magnesium, Potassium and Bicarbonate to name a few. Don’t cut out salt completely. We need functional muscles, that aren’t weak or cramping. Keep your diet full of spinach, coconut, avocado, banana and potato.

3. SWEAT to metabolise toxins, sweat it out. If you’re feeling weak go for a walk or a swim. When I feel weak I do a light workout. As long as your body is moving it assists with pumping blood to those organs who need it as well as speeding up the detox process.

4. TREAT, if the luxury allows, an Epsom salt bath will do wonders. Try make it to the sauna or steam room once per week while your body is purging. Go for a massage, you’re feeling fragile. Even get your nails done while you’re at it! Treating yourself is beyond food gifts and concentrated sugar. Self Care Gifts are the new Glowing you!

5. SLEEP as you will feel exhausted, make sure you get enough rest, detox yourself from stress and mobile devices. Offline is the new luxury. Many think resting is counterproductive to their goals, but regression and reverse training should actually be factored into your healthy lifestyle. You cannot maintain an upward trend. Peaking and resting. 

6. Medicate if you must, if you’re really struggling with aches and head pain take two Panado. I have no problem suggesting this to clients. Stay away form anything stronger. Avoid anti inflammatory medication and things like Voltaren. If you feel fragile, take a nap or book a massage.

7. Acne and rashes occur when your liver is busy spring cleaning. The magic is happening internally, keep calm and give it 2 weeks before your skin starts glowing. Avoid training with make up on, wear sunscreen outside to prevent aggressive scarring. Trust me, your skin, nails, eyes and hair will soon be glowing.

While lately many are under the impression that the purpose of a Detox is to lose weight, it is in fact an opportunity to rectify your health. A eating plan of whole foods with a menu consisting of rituals (rituals like hot water and lemon upon rising, or a green tonic per day), are definitely going to result in weight-loss. My Detox, the Glow Cleanse, purpose is to eliminate toxins, revitalise the body and organs giving new vitality and energy. As far as weight loss goes, it teaches you the value of basic simple food. Cleanses shouldn’t be hocus-pocus potions, magic pills, or powders, a sustainable long term Cleanse should teach you how to prepare juices, how to plan ahead, how to construct healthy meals. Eating healthy is not a punishment for being fat. Eating greens and quality protein is a celebration of health. A maintenance message to yourself, your body, to say, “I LOVE YOU”. Many cannot afford the opportunity to eat “clean” wholesome meals. We should be so lucky to take care of ourselves. Enjoy it! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Its your future, the new you and you’re going to be GLOWING!

Love Rushda