Rush, what are YOUR body goals?

Although my business is helping you achieve your body goals, I’m often asked what I am training for and the goals I have for my body. My desire for my aesthetic is pretty much where I want it to be.

If you just started following me, or maybe come on to Rushtush the last couple of months, you may not be aware that the way that I train I’m not training to achieve anything specific. I train for peace of mind, therapy, release, endorphins and to enjoy myself. It’s part of who I am. 

Through the years, I’ve evolved with my thinking of what I expect from my body. I’ve evolved in my idea of what my body should look like. I’ve stopped forcing my body to be what it does not want to be. I’ve done CrossFit style training, I’ve been a runner, I’ve put in some bodybuilding work, been religious with my Muay Thai, and then boxing, I mean I’ve also been a yogi. All of these phases and styles have highly impacted the way I understand how women’s bodies react too and adapt too and how we feel about what we look like.

Striving for a physique that doesn’t exist will stand in the way of your happiness and gratitude for your able body.

Body types: Some women have high hips and broad shoulders, other women have fuller upper bodies and carry more belly fat than others. We all have different genetics and racial builds, and often a mix of some. It might sound like common sense to many, but I need to make sure I’m highlighting all the factors, so we can cancel out most of the struggle so many women are chasing.

Hormones: Some women have more natural testosterone and therefore appear more lean as its easier to display athleticism. For example I can do 100 push-ups and bench every day of the week; I’ll be super strong, but my upper body just won’t appear as toned, but my legs look insane on the daily.

Functional Training: We need to fortify our bodies yes, and it doesn’t mean we have weak imbalances just because the aesthetic isn’t visible. For example you can have a strong core but no visible ab definition. That is purely body fat percentage, also the length of your actual torso lol. If you’re incorporating functional training int your weight lifting schedule you will definitely see tone. If you don’t know where and HOW to START I created the Newbie Body programme for you: 

I’ve always loved lifting heavy weights. To maintain a lean, natural but strong physique I don’t have to lift heavy weights often at all to achieve this. Especially because I am very short. My quads, back, forearms and shoulders grow wide very quickly. This is the main reason why incorporate so much body weight movement and odd lifting into my routines. I hardly get the time to do the cardio I’d like to do, because I have other priorities now. I’d rather snuggle with my kid than be on the treadmill. Get an extra hour of conversation with my son before I rush to get cardio in before my sessions. I’m doing enough for my body right now, so when I train I have to do the most. I also love doing the most when I do what I do. My body goals aren’t so much about a certain aesthetic, it is about how fast and light I feel with the right amount of power in the speed I’m operating. Feeling powerful in my own body is what I’m after. Obviously as we age we become a lot slower, and that’s okay. I’m not the fastest. But I feel pretty fit when I’m going fast. I can wake up at any day of the week after not having run the mountain or done sprints in the beach in ages, to comfortably achieve a pleasurable fitness experience, no matter what I decide to do with my body. My recovery is excellent. I can go and go and go for days on end. Being your fittest means recovery is a gem. This is also what I’m after. This for me is body goals. I don’t compare myself to anyone else. I haven’t walked in another’s shoes, I don’t know what she sacrificed and did to get to walk in those shoes. We all have our own story and journey, and things unfold and become priorities at different times in our lives, that too is okay. I just wanna feel lekker, be injury free and happy when I train. I want to move well and accurate while enjoying every breathe in this body. That is goals for me! Its just a bonus that I look as good as I feel!

Love Your Coach, Rush xoxox

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