Holiday Eating

We trained hard all year, some over several years, we ate all our protein and green veg, drank all our hulk juice, only for our routines in the office to take a pause and festivities to take over. This means less time in the gym and more time with family and friends. Catching up over cocktails and mocktails snacks upon snack and preparing all the traditional meals families love. In this article I’ll be covering MY APPROACH to the holidays lol and then also WHAT YOUR APPROACH TO STAYING SEXY should be. These are techniques and strategies I use and live by. Depending on where I am in may life, I use what is relevant to me. There is no all or nothing approach. We need to adapt and evolve.

My Approach

I’ve booked myself off on a sabbatical since November, so I’ve been on vacay for almost two months already lol.Naturally training is part of my life so that was never going to stop. But I also just needed a break from my routine. I did not derail my eating, but I’ve made a point to enjoy experiences, especially on my holiday in London. Even though my sabbatical is more focused on me resting more than training, these are my tips on how to travel healthy.

Travelling Healthy

1. Pack running / training shoes and socks

2. Pack 2 x pairs of workout tights, 2 x long sleeve tops and 2 x bra built in vests

3. Buy washing powder on arrival so you can wash your training kit and alternate outfits

4. Pack in mobile running strap and ear phones

5. I always take my GREEN VIBRANCE POWDER with. You can get sachets or any green powder, the Green Vibrance is my favourite. I’ll have it with some water on my trip or add to 1/3 of a green juice I could find at the shops. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to locate green juice. Just watch out for high fruit content. Most of them don’t compromise mostly of leafy greens like spinach, kale and celery and will have more pear, apple and pineapple varieties. I use what I can find and I’ll add water to 1/3 of a juice and will save the rest.

6. Have 1 Green Vibrance / Green Powder Tonic and Green Juice mix per day. This will be ONE of your meals. This is astrategy I use to keep myself in check.

7. Make sure you have control over all your meals, and plan your eating schedule ahead. When travelling with a bigger family group you’re not always in control of your eating because everyone has different demands. Make sure you factor in eating a heavy meal, by keeping your other meals light on the day during holiday. Don’t get set up by spending your entire vacation held hostage by others eating needs. If you don’t want to eat a big breakfast, learn to say no thank you.Family members understand that ones personal health is now a priority for many, more so than ever before. I always packed my boiled eggs from my holiday brekkie to carry over into a lunchtime snack. This way I had space to eat a decent dinner. After all I am on holiday.

8. Don’t fall into the self sabotaging myth of “but I’ll be walking so much on holiday!” I can eat what I want. No you cannot. Be kind to your body and give it the nutrition it deserves. Your body isn’t a rubbish bun.

9. You don’t need to eat EVERYTHING on your plate. It’s okay to eat until you are comfortable not until you are stuffed. Get a takeaway.

10. Google / Insta Google lol local gyms. Try out a new class nearby, yoga studio or a new concept. If you’re going to Thailand, why not seek out a Muai Thai gym? If you’re heading to Europe, there will always be new concept gyms and hype training styles we haven’t experienced yet in SA. If the views are breathtaking schedule in a hike.

11. City Location (no hotel gym): What I usually do is run for 30 minutes away from my location and turn around on 30.Lol run done for the day.

12. Resort Gym: depends on my mood, I’ll do treadmill work, incline walk, flat run, jog, sprints total 30 minutes. Then I’ll do a top up weights, medium weight, 12-15 reps 2 sets, because I’m lazy. Just something to let the muscle know it’s still there. Nothing too aggressive. I love traditional deadlifts, 1 leg dead, bent over rows, squat variations, plank rows, shoulder presses and tricep extensions. I like to look lean on holiday and I don’t want my muscles getting too stimulated and puffy because I’ll be eating a lot carbs.

What happens if you don’t have a nanny and your trainer is on holiday? UGH. I hate not having my scheduled sessions booked in my diary. I thrive on routine. No one fuxks with my session times, but me. PLAN AHEAD. I make sure I either arrange a family member or I do a run on the promenade where I can take Haydar in his jogger pram or take him to V Club. I call on friends and clients and book runs with them. This way I know I will get it in. I schedule trail runs with my husband, he will make sure I get on that mountain. But more importantly, he prefers me when I’m on a steady consistent training rhythm as I’m just so much more pleasant and lovely. Lately I’ve been very sick and have rested to get my health back. Sometimes, for some, rest is more valuable than time in the gym.


1. You don’t have to EAT EVERYTHING YOU SEE. Be selective.

2. Wake up early and work out even for 30 minutes in the lounge. If you don’t know what to do YOUTUBE. If you needhelp I have my BODYWEIGHTSERIES WORKOUTS available for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You don’t evenneed weights

3. Never skip a Green Juice as a meal.

4. If you’re on Naked Glow you can even do OFF DAYS for two days, then one STRICT DAY. OFF DAYS on Naked Glow are better than ROGUE DAYS. If you don’t have Naked Glow you can get it here.

5. Arrange a hike or a fitness family day with family members.

6. Always ensure there are salads and greens at family functions. Always take your own, just in case. You don’t need toeat bread and other starch. You don’t need to do anything you don’t want too.

7. It’s okay to be hungry. Its not long until your next meal. Try to get comfortable with the idea of not always needing to be full. Consider intermittent fasting, especially if your meal was heavy the night before. You wont die of hunger.Everything will be okay.

8. Don’t restrict yourself too much and be too strict on your lifestyle. There is no need to be hard on yourself. Causing stress over missed sessions only leads to an unhealthy obsession with working out. It also increases your cortisol levels which makes it difficult for you to lose weight anyway. Life is short and you’re meant to be happy on whatever“diet” you are following. Your journey is meant to be enjoyed and should be one of longevity. Intense courses of deprivation will only lead to a negative relationship with food and yo yo dieting. Be flexible, because soon the festive season is over and we are back into our routines!

Happy holidays and enjoy it!
Love Rush

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