Winter Glow-up Challenge Starts 5 August

How to Eat for A Curvier Body

We don’t all have the same builds, there are women who are in fact naturally very slim and skinny and have been trying to add the correct weight onto their bodies and build a more fuller, sculpted physique. I’m going to call it Slim Thick. This ones for you.

I do need to cover one important point before I help you become Slim Thick. Once you add on weight, your body composition WILL change. Your skin texture, your hormones and the way you feel moving your body around will be different. The way yo0u walk, our joints, your clothes might not fit the same. You need to be aware of the implications of having a slightly heavier build. I would never encourage or advise bulking. Its far too technical and scientific and in my opinion not necessary if all you’re trying to do is create an illusion of a curvier, stronger and fuller body. This can easily achieved by lifting SOME weights. This is my first crucial point. If you are lean, you probably have a fast metabolism or you are a light fussy eater. Both are okay. Force feeding is not my vibe. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat.There will be days where you would want to eat more, and thats ok. Living by the book of what someone said, encourages you to switch off to listening to your body.


You want to add muscle to your body. Adding muscle to your body will sculpt and create an illusion of fullness, withoutgiving you a “puffy” or chubby look. By lifting weights and keeping your diet clean, you can maintain to keep yourtummy flat and toned. You can tone your calves, strengthen your back and tighten up your quads and arms with liftinglight to medium weight 3-4 per week. You don’t have to lift heavy to see a result. 


You want to make sure you are also doing a combination of bodyweight work, and explosive cardio type work mixed with your weigh lifting sessions. Adding bulk by doing slow, heavy, machine based and olympic lifting work will add bulk to your frame. You want to add functional muscle, while keeping your fat percentage down. If you’re going to just lift heavy and not incorporate full body dynamic and explosive work you wont achieve a lean, elongated and toned look.If you don’t work on your fitness while adding muscle, you will become slower and just feel heavy. Having muscle doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit.


Lifting free weights and objects (bags and balls), this includes you lifting your body weight, at least 3 per week will increase your muscle mass. Muscle burns calories while sleeping, ie. resting. You will need more fuel naturally when lifting regularly, your body will be hungrier. Your cravings might increase. When you lift weights you damage muscle tissue, in order for muscles to repair, you need to feed them, this is when they grow. No you wont get bulky, if you’re lifting right and eating right. This is the time to feed it lean protein and greens. If you’re very very lean, clean carbs are options are a safer choice. The reason why I’m saying this because you cant add on muscle without adding some fat. If your diet is excessive, and high in toxicity (sugars and processed food), you will add more fat. You will notice cellulite, if not more cellulite. The texture of your skin on your body will change.

If you’re unsure how to lift weights I have my Newbie Body Program available to you

Here is a list of foods that will help you add on healthy weight. Try 1/2 snack options per day.

RushTush Approved Slim Thick SIDES AND SNAX: 

  • 2 x Rice cakes with peanut butter and honey
  • 1-2 Fruits (1 banana per day)
  • 1 cup of blueberries and strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of uncooked normal oats
  • Oven fried sweet potato fries1 cup cooked rice
  • 10-20 almonds and 3-40g of biltong
  • Whey shake with water and 1 banana
  • 1 roti
  • 1 slice of any toast

You can do the Glow Cleanse if you are trying to get Slim Thick! Heres how!

  • After your GC brekkie, 1-2 hr later have PROATS – 1 cup of cooked oats, cooked in water and add 2 Tablespoons of egg whites while cooking. Add honey and some raspberries or strawberries. If you can’t cook your protein oats, one sachet of Jungle Oats So Easy is a suitable back up plan.
  • With your GC lunch add some starch to your meal, 1 x baked / roasted sweet potato, or roasted butternut, 1 cup of rice, half a mielie, sweet potato fries or a wrap.
  • With your dinner include one of the same options as above to dinner. Or don’t, and have a bedtime snack instead.
  • Have 1-3 ‘cheat’ meals per week.


Intense cardio like running long distance races (cycling and running) will only keep you lean, try to do an equal amountof cardio and weight lifting sessions. You don’t have to stop cardio altogether.

Take those before pictures and keep me posted with your progress. Tag me on Instagram and Twitter @rushtush or email me xxx