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Collagen, the Wonder Girl

I’ve always known the benefits of collagen but before I had my first child, I wasn’t diligently using it as I battled to find a brand I could trust. I am very aware of what I put into my body.

I needed to do my research and then worked closely with my labs, here locally, to develop a product that would be honest and pure. I only use the best and wanted a fuss free premium collagen that was taste free, odour free, easily dissolvable and effective.

For me, supplementation has always complimented my lifestyle. My joints, my muscles, recovery and thus performance, has been the main reason why I use collagen. Mechanical ease while training and after.

Smooth, plump even skin as well as shiny and fast hair growth and nails, are an added bonus. My (Bovine) Collagen is100% pure protein, with no added sugars or bulking agents. It’s been many households pantry staples.

Collagen on the body: 

  • It assists the body to absorb calcium and other essential nutrients and minerals needed for bone strength.
  • It contains large amounts of glycine which could help to balance blood sugar levels. 
  • It contains amino acids which are crucial for muscle development.
  • It boosts your metabolism and leaves you feeling satiated for longer. 
  • Collagen regenerates skin by healing wounds and scars. 
  • It covers your bones, thus reducing inflammation, joint pain and joint deterioration. 
  • Prepare for better rest when using collagen, as the glycine inside marine collagen improves sleep and calms the brain. 
  • It balances proteins in your body and this boosts your thyroid hormone.
  • Collagen lowers cortisol levels in your blood while also inhibiting the growth of infections and disease causing bacteria. 
  • Collagen helps hair growth and regenerate since it’s a natural antioxidant. It also stimulates keratin production while also increasing blood flow to the hair.
  • Postpartum hair loss is also significantly reduced. Read more here.

While your body produces collagen, you start to lose your natural supply as you age or with hormonal changes.

Collagen supplements help improve the skin texture so it looks firmer and feels smoother. It also helps decrease cellulite and wrinkles and improves the skin’s elasticity. Clinical studies have shown that taking hydrolysed collagen peptides for 8-10 weeks increases skin collagen density, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and smooths uneven skin.

You can ingest collagen via food, but most women are not getting enough with food alone. This is when supplementation becomes a must. If you’re not sure which one of my two collagens are best for you, have a read through this

You can shop my Halaal Bovine and Marine Collagens here. I take up to 15g of my collagen every day, usually in water. Let me know your results and tag me @rushtush and @rushtushlife. 

Love, Rushda

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