Training on your Period

Every month during our menstruation period we try to navigate our training schedules. Many want to know, what is the right thing to do? Is rest best? What are the benefits of training on your period? What is considered beneficial and what could potentially do more harm.

Firstly, I want to say that every woman is different. We experience different menstruation symptoms at different times of our lives. You must personally assess how you feel physically before any movement session. No one is you, do what feels right. In this article I will cover how I tackle my period and what I do with my clients.

I just started bleeding, I’m on my way to work out:

Your first call to action when you first start spotting and you’re on your way out for a jog or a weightlifting session, is to capitalise on an early start. I would still run or train, I would just take it a lot easier and not go as hard or for as long.

Your body is shedding your uterus lining, it is a draining process. You are also burning extra calories to shed your lining; your basal metabolic rate is above normal as well as the oxygen level in your blood. You’re in an inflammatory response. Therefore, nutrition is crucial upon menstruation.

I am feeling despondent, I weighed myself on my period and I’m 2kg heavier:

Women forget that there’s a lot going on physiologically during their menstruation. Blood volume is up, inflammation is prevalent, your womb is directly linked to your immune system, whatever stress you are carrying, and immune fragility will flare up during your period. All these factors add to what it seems is “weight gain” is not actually, because this weight leaves the body after you’ve stopped your period. Don’t let the temporary weight confuse you. For me, I make sure I wear my most flattering, looser clothing and explore my black looks just to keep my mind protected from silliness.

Trust your body when training during your period. If you’re sluggish, tired and overwhelmed then rest. I take the first day off if I can. If my second day is unbearable then I help myself to another day off. A few days off is not going to derail your wellness goals. I do not recommend training if you have been taking pain medication. If you’re energetic and feel fine (usually on my third day), continue training as per normal. Keep workouts to a low intensity. Very heavy lifting can speed up and increase the volume of your blood. Training will however offer peace of mind and can calm any anxiety you might be having due to hormones. Lifting weights will ease muscle tension and help assist with cramps. If you are able then complete a RushTush App workout, adjust certain exercises if they are too much. Your workout will still be effective.

What supplements from my RushTush Pharmaceuticals collection will assist me?

The Met Spray to curb cravings, burn fat and spark your energy as it contains vitamin B. 

Whey protein to help you maintain muscle during this time.

L-Glutamine to assist with recovery.

If you are bloated then the ingredients in the RushTush Calming and Detox Tea can help. Add lemon and ginger as this alleviates bloat and nausea too.


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