How Do You Know if you Should Start Taking Protein Powder?

Girl talk is so vast! As women we can chat about everything; like baking, make-up, our careers, or training programs…and today we chat about protein powders! Yes, that tub that could be in a man’s supplement cupboard and is often over looked by women, is something you should consider using too. But, before we get down to the nitty gritty of why you should consider shopping my range of pharmaceuticals in order to get your hands on some protein powder, let’s first explore the reasons why protein is so essential for your body. What is the role of protein? Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids and the protein that is already made by our bodies need a constant supply of amino acids to repair itself. Protein is essential for repairing tissue and also provides support for hair (ie. keratin). It is the building block in skin, bones, muscles, cartilage and blood. It is also the coordinator of body functions, so you need it for your body to perform at its peak. Your diet, like your kettlebell swings, should be on point! The first step is to try to attain as much of your body’s required protein via your eating plan. Protein supplements should NEVER EVER REPLACE real food. That is why you will never hear me promoting meal replacement shakes. I will always believe in consuming simple food, straight from the source. So, before you start scooping up protein powder and shaking your blender bottle, make sure your diet is filled with things like chicken breast fillets, lean beef, tinned tuna, fish and egg whites by the tea cup measure. Lentils, chickpeas, spirulina powder, quinoa, oats, chia seeds, nut butters and broccoli are some great sources of protein for the Vegan Glow Girls.

My RushTush eating plans are a great place to start if you are looking for help to create a balanced eating plan. You can shop my guides here.

Why you might need to supplement with protein powder?

You may not be getting enough protein from your diet and that is where the need for a protein supplement comes in. To calculate how much protein you need, you will need to google or calculate your weight in pounds, and that is the amount of protein you will need in grams. For example, if I weigh 55kg that is equal to 121, 25 pounds. So, essentially I should then need to be eating around 120 grams of protein. It is as simple as that. Carb and fat intake increases and decreases depending on your goals (for example: If you want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or become stronger), so how can you get your required protein without blowing your carb and fat intake budget? Yes, you need to whip out a protein shake! Now, if you are wanting to get slimmer, it could also become challenging to get enough protein due to the fact that most people follow a calorie deficit while trying to lose weight. And, when consuming pure protein you need to make sure that you monitor the fat and carbs that accompany it. You can achieve this with a pure whey.

Protein helps build muscle without weight gain.

If you are trying to build lean muscle and not pick up weight at the same time, you can benefit from protein powder to support the muscle growth while not increasing your calories (as this can lead to more weight being gained, and you may not want that if you are looking to lose some kilograms). 

Protein powder saves you time

You may not have time to cook, especially right after the gym. Therefore, a protein powder can give you the boost youneed after a gym session, and allows the protein to go straight to work in repairing your muscles. It’s the perfecttummy-filler for me while I’m preparing dinner. It also prevents me from overeating at dinner, when I’m cutting.

Protein helps you shape a sexy silhouette 

If you are on the RushTushFit App or any of my training guides, Tush Sculpt and Newbie Body, you may need to add protein to your training. The reason for this is that protein is essential to building lean muscle- hello booty! You will burn fat and feed muscle when incorporating whey protein powder into your daily routine. The goal is to tighten skin and reveal that hard earned muscle and shape.

If you are not seeing the results of your hard work

If your muscle tone is not improving while you are lifting consistently, then consider taking a protein supplement. So, you don’t NEED protein powder-you can get protein from natural food sources.The only problem is; you and I know that things are never “simple”. In our daily lives we are often on- the-go and sometimes we don’t make the healthiest choices where it comes to our nutrition. So how can we be sure we are fueling our bodies with enough protein? The answer is in fact simple, and can be found in a bag of RushTush Premium Whey protein powder. 

How do you take your RushTush Whey?

I would take a maximum of two scoops per day. 1 scoop with 150ml cold water, shake and enjoy! If i’m on the go, I would take the scoop of powder in a shaker and add the water on site. I’ll take the second scoop later on in the day. If I’m only having one whey shake p/day I would take the 2 scoops in one go with 250ml water. Avoid adding extra carbs (fruits). Protein powder is meant to be convenient so be flexible and make your protein powder work for you.

RushTush Whey Protein is a premium protein, manufactured locally and designed for women. It is pure and free of anybulking agents- so there’s no nasties in your bag of RushTush Whey. We’ve also gone above and beyond by addingcollagen to the mix, as well as L-Glutamine for recovery after your weight training sweat sesh! It also contains D-Ribose which helps the body to mobilize fat and it is virtually free of sugars, fat and carbs which makes it a greatoption for those looking to shed weight. 

My protein powder is for every female gym goer and those following a RushTush nutrition guide or any other eating plan. It is also for women who are not getting enough protein and thus need to supplement with a powder. You can use my protein powder to support your own personal goals as RushTush Whey Protein was created with YOU and ALL GlowGirls in mind. 

Get your RushTush Whey Protein (350g for R320 in Original or Chocolate) here.

Hope you love it as much as I do. 

Love RushTush


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