5 Tips for Glow Cleansing on a Budget

We all need to live within our means and according to what our bank accounts will allow, so it was important to me that my eating plans don’t exclude any one. 

Here are my tips on how to without breaking the budget.

1. Rotate your meals
My Glow Guides are designed to provide enough variety so that your taste buds never go bored. I would suggest choosing your favourite snacks, lunches and dinners from the eating plan and rotating them.

2. Avoid Wastage

You have bought all these nutritious ingredients and part of shopping on a budget is making sure that none of your veggies go to waste, or all your money ends up at the bottom of your bin. 

Pre-cut your fruit and veg for smoothies and shakes. Place them in a bag with the date on and freeze it. Simply take it out in the morning and toss in the blender. Frozen fruit also makes a thicker and colder smoothie shake. 

Pre-blend your greens for smoothies and juices by putting it in the blender with water and a squeeze of lemon juice. Decant your frozen greens into bags or ice cube moulds to freeze and blend or thaw them when needed for juices and smoothies. 

Certain soups and curries from the cleanse, like the Hulk Soup can be frozen and thawed the morning you are going to eat it for lunch or dinner.

Amend the cleanse or cook and freeze. If you see certain things are about to go bad, you can always amend your cleanse by choosing a meal from the cleanse that calls for those ingredients that are on the brink of going bad or off.

3. Look out for combo deals and special offers. Supermarkets always have deals on the go, so look out for them.

4. Opt for a more affordable option

Almond butter can be swapped for no sugar peanut butter. Coconut water can be swopped with normal water. You can also choose any non-dairy milk you would prefer but try to look out for ones that have no added sugar or leave it out completely.

5. Make the whole family GLOW! 

Buying separate food for a glow guide and the rest of the family can be hard on the budget, so let the family join in, as the meals can be enjoyed by everyone, even the fussiest eaters.

I believe healthy eating and exercise should be accessible to everyone – that is also why you’ll find regular sales on my e-books, a free two-week trial when you download my RushTushFit App http://onelink.to/cxzqa3  as well as free recipes, information and workouts on my YouTube channel and social media platforms. 

I hope you get your Glow Guide soon and follow these tips when you’re on a budget. 

For best results, I’d always suggest following the eating plans exactly. But, if that is not possible, please don’t throw in the towel. Rather make the eating plan work for you. 

Don’t forget to share your journey and results with me on Instagram @rushtush & @rushtushlife if you’re taking my Pharmaceutical Range too https://rushtush.com/pharmaceuticals/ 

I hope you enjoy the delicious and nutritious recipes from the plans. I know each dish will help you achieve the body, energy, health, and confidence that you deserve! 




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