The First Steps to Your Fitness Journey

Getting your goal body is a marathon not a sprint and your journey starts with the first steps. 

Sometimes I find that women are too focused on the scale when setting goals. Instead, focus on the feeling that crushing your goals will bring you. Goals like, wearing your fave jeans again, bonding as a family over health, or running without becoming breathless. Or how about the joy you’ll have after running your first 5km? While I have a goal weight, I prefer to think about the feeling of running on the Promenade in whatever it is I choose to wear, hair tied back with tanning oil on my legs. I love the feeling of being fit and strong! 

If your goal is to hike – join a hiking group. To run your first marathon – Google running programmes. To become fitter as a family, then maybe hit the Promenade for morning walks together and start looking for workout programmes. 

Whatever your goal is, be sure to develop a plan. 

Your plan should also include cardio, strength training, stretching, rest days and progression to prevent stagnation. I used to type my workout plan on my phone, but lucky for you, you don’t need to…my plans are on the RushTushFit app for you to try. Download it here and receive two weeks of free training!

The power of visualisation. One of my success secrets is visualisation. Collect visuals of moments you wish to have and the person you are going to be. Be specific. Create a folder or make a collage, stick it on your desk or make it your laptop & mobile screensaver. Look at these visuals and feel it every day.

Monitor your results using photos. Take a front, side and back pic each week. 

Always follow a nutrition plan or a guide of some sort, as exercise alone won’t get you optimal results. Often, people underestimate how important the nutrition aspect of achieving your goals can be. If you’re trying to be stronger, lift more, even put on weight, nutrition is an important key. Not only will it change and transform your shape but, it’ll make you healthier, stronger and result in longevity because it’s more about how you’re feeling. Remember, that food is medicine and whatever you’re putting into your body, needs to be of a certain quality and standard, to make sure that your brain is functioning properly so that you can be in the right mindset, to train on a physical level.

The quality of life and the type of food that’s going to give you mental clarity; it’s going to improve the way you think, which has a direct link to how your body interprets exercise and the food. It’s all linked on a conscious and subconscious level, the messages that you send your body, to whatever goal that may be.

Your mindset can’t be right, if you’re feeding your body, poor quality food because you’re starving your body of the correct kind of nutrition. This is why I will always advocate eating plans that are wholesome, that are based on full food groups and that can create forever, healthy eating habits.

Ensure that you’re fuelling your body correctly. If you are looking to shift weight then fill up on green veggies and lean proteins and don’t forget your daily Hulk Juice.

Try to change your mindset where it comes to food. I focus on how the healthy food I’m consuming fuels my body for my training. I think about how veggies and protein are helping me create my desired aesthetic and how the nutrients are filling my cells helping to renew the body and give me more energy and vitality. I also picture the skin benefits of consuming Hulk Juice and veggies – that healthy confident glow that comes from good nutritious food. 

Many women – including myself – have gotten great results from my eating plans. Start with the Glow Cleanse. It’s the first eating plan I created for myself.

My final tip to any woman looking to start their fitness journey is to sign up for the Glow Up Challenge. Starting a fitness journey can be daunting, especially if you feel alone. The Glow Up Challenge is the best way to introduce a new lifestyle while also having the support of myself and other Glow Girls.

Find out more and join up to be part of the next Glow Up Challenge.

I can’t wait to meet you and walk alongside this journey of self-discovery  through fitness.



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