Eating for the Bump

Nutrition while growing a healthy baby is of utmost importance to both mom and child. You want to ensure that you’re at your strongest bill of health to grow and birth your baby and to recover efficiently postpartum. Remember that it’s normal for you to feel a little overwhelmed and unsure regarding whether you’re eating the right foods and the correct quantities. Nutritional needs to increase during pregnancy and is essential for the baby’s development; it ensures that you don’t have any deficiencies during and after. You’re not eating for two but you need to be focusing on quality nutrition. Many mums overcome horrid morning sickness around 11 weeks, after this time, I start to make healthier choices. Before that there is just no way. Feeling violently ill means I can’t smell taste or see certain food types. Although eating better and exercise alleviated my morning sickness symptoms temporarily. Remind yourself that pregnancy isn’t for ever, soon it will be over and the sacrifices will be worth it. Nothing lasts for ever and it too shall pass.

Ensure that you are well hydrated during your pregnancy

Water is essential to prevent dehydration. It helps to alleviate morning sickness, constipation, and urinary tract infections. During pregnancy, blood volume increases, and your body channels hydration to the baby, but if you don’t monitor your water intake, YOUR OWN body will become dehydrated in this process. Headaches, anxiety, and tiredness are signs that you could need more water. You’re also losing electrolytes rapidly while preggies, that is why I have added a homemade recipe in my Bump Glow plan to ensure that you always have an easy way to up your electrolyte levels when needed.

Bump up the nutrients

In terms of what should be on your plate during pregnancy, you need to be getting whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Your calorie intake should also increase as your baby grows during the three trimesters and it is also essential to be getting enough nutrients. There are recommendations for exact amounts of different essential vitamins and macronutrients required for pregnancy. However, many women have asked me what to eat during pregnancy and have been concerned about whether they are giving their baby everything he/she needs nutritionally. I wanted to offer women something to help relieve the guesswork while at the same time preventing anyone from feeling overwhelmed with all the details of the exact amounts of calories and nutrients. It was then that Bump Glow was born. The e-book contains all the information you need and an easy-to-follow eating plan. The plan works well for your partner too. No need to prepare different meals.

The recipes contain legumes, protein, whole grains, fish, dairy, and enough fruit, avocado, and green leafy veggies. I have also included eggs in the meal plan for the brain health and development of the growing baby. There are many other food sources added to the menu, each was specifically chosen to ensure that you are getting in enough folate, fibre, magnesium choline, potassium, calcium, essential fats, iron, and other nutrients as well as enough protein which helps increase blood supply to the baby for his or her tissues and organs.

Here are a few diet tips to keep in mind:

Avoid eating too much fish that is high in mercury. Everything in moderation.

Drink Hulk Juice. Be careful of store-bought drinks during pregnancy. I prefer homemade at this time as it is important to wash all fruit and veg properly and opt for organic produce if you can. Always eat and order at reputable sources. It’s really just a sensitive time, prevention is better than cure.

If you find that you’re experiencing swelling (of the face, knees, feet, etc) then it could be a result of water retention and a diet high in refined sugar. Cut back on those sweeties, chocolates, after meal desserts and pastries. You are not starving yourself if you are ignoring your cravings. I recommend Bump Glow because the eating plan controls your sugar and salt intake and provides enough calories and nutrients for you and your growing baby.  Unusual cravings are normally a sign that your body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals. This can be solved by eating a balanced and varied eating plan.

Stock up on pregnancy supplements

Prenatal vitamins are vital, as well as calcium (to build your baby’s bones and regulate your body’s use of fluids), iron (to ensure that enough oxygen is supplied to both you and your baby), and folic acid (which reduces the risk of neural tube defects). You can also take collagen during pregnancy and thereafter to assist with any postpartum hairloss, making your hair re growth faster. Collagen also assists with skin elasticity keeping the skin fortified for stretching and contraction. Inside the Bump Glow e-book, you will also find a full list of recommended supps!

Remember this is not the time to be worried about weight gain and restricting kilojoules. If your baby doesn’t get the correct nutrients it can affect growth and development. However, honing in on your nutrition doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating your favourite foods. During all my pregnancies I ate certain foods I wouldn’t normally eat but I still had healthy food (according to the Bump Glow in order to ensure that my baby received adequate nutrients). The Bump Glow also has healthy pizza and sweet treat recipes to keep those cravings under control. Below I’ve shared some of my go too snacks when I felt I was getting out of control with indulging in my cravings, my body was saying; excuse me! SOS!

Rush’s Sexy Bump Snack List:

Fruits, especially berries, citrus and dates
Nuts, salted
Chilli biltong
Dried fruit
Chocolate covered oat bars
Plain full cream Yoghurt and honey with fruit
Cracker bread with peanut butter
Flavoured sparkling water (sugar free)
Dark chocolate
Pringles (very rarely)

Goodluck with your pregnancy and I salute you for trying to make healthy choices for your baby and yourself!

If you’re looking to keep strong and fit and prepare yourself for birth Id highly recommend Pump The Bump on my fitness app RushTushFit App. If you find the workouts are too long, cut them in half, half a session is better than no session, it will still put you in good stead for the future.

Enjoy every moment and share your baby pump pics with me on Instagram: @rushtush @rushtushlife


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