Hott to Trott: Run a 5km with RushTush Comfortably

As daunting as it may be to take on a new sport especially one as challenging as running. As tough as it may seem, with every run telling you a different story about yourself, not every run will be the same. It might not always be enjoyable, but with the correct guidance and a structured plan, you may in fact learn that you might not be able to live without running. The benefits of cardiovascular fitness aside, it’s the mental clarity and power it offers. Lets do it!

If you want to run comfortably, without becoming out of breath OR if you desire the feeling of fitness OR want to be able to complete a 5km run OR participate in a 5k race, the RushTush Hott to Trott programme is the starting point. It simplifies the head work for you, it’s easy to follow and sets a specific, attainable goal to work towards. It’s also a 4-week plan, making it less easier to commit to. 

How is the programme designed?
Nobody wakes up a good runner. Especially if your fitness level is zero. I decided to teach myself how to run and how to do it for long distances. I wanted to feel strong running and light on my feet – I am not one to enjoy competitive sports and crowds, I prefer running alone or with my husband. Running is my time out. The most important part about running for me, is taking it in your personal stride. Not doing too much too soon. I wrote Hott to Trott to condition your body, to prevent injury an drive yourself enough time to achieve your 5km goal. The programme combines walking and running intervals to help you build up your fitness and distance. It’s designed to help train your lungs and heart faster. After all your heart is a muscle. Our goal is it to amplify those internal organs and muscles to take on those longer runs! 

Don’t worry, there are breaks to give you rest in between periods of running. This is perfect if you are weight lifting on every other day. Gradually the plan adds time and changes the intervals. 

Here’s some beginner running tips and how to get the most out of the Hott To Trott programme: 

RushTush L-Glutamine  for muscle recovery. Many beginner runners have muscle cramps, as your body gets acquainted with running. It may seem simple but it’s essential to run with proper form. There is also impact that is absorbed by the lower body and joints while running. For this reason, I recommend RushTush Hydrolysed Collagen, (I swear by this for my high impact weight lifting as well, it lubricates the joints, keeps the muscles in my feet supple and my knees problematic free). Also supplement with Omega 3 fatty acids, which are available from most retailers. I also recommend L-Glutamine, which is an essential amino acid that assists in preventing and healing muscles and reduces inflammation. 

Do the RushTush Up Your Pace, Strength Training workout plan.
Mobility and strength sessions are often neglected, especially by beginners, it’s actually a vital part of your training. The Hott To Trott not only has a running plan but also a strength training programme designed to complement and improve your journey, and is available on the RushTushFit App. It will help you get stronger and fitter faster and assist you to prevent injury. I also recommend stretching, yoga and or foam rolling.

  1. Stock up on Metabolic Oral Spray for energy. I love a few sprays before my mid arvi run or evening session when I am leaning out.
  2. Pair with the Glow Cleanse if weight loss is your main goal.

The Hott To Trott plan isn’t necessarily geared toward weight loss HOWEVER, it can be used as a cardio programme. If weight loss is your goal then it’s important to combine the programme with an eating plan which aids with weight loss. 

Running burns fat, it tones the legs and calves, but exercise is not enough – nutrition is of utmost importance if shifting weight is your goal. 


If you’re not completely inactive, this plan will definitely be okay for you BUT don’t worry if you feel like you may not be fit enough. The programme makes provisions if you are unable to jog at first. You can also repeat weeks if you feel you need to. This is not a race. It’s your time, your space and your pace. 

Get the Hott to Trott programme here.

I’d love for you to share your running journey with me. Tag us on socials @Rushtush! 
I’ll be with you from the start to the finish line. 

Love Rushda

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