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How To Deal with Cravings on Your Period

Every month we experience our menstruation cycle and every month we are hit with a list of challenges that come with it. Even though we are seasoned women we still struggle with these hormonal surges and the cravings that accompany them. I’m going to share with you what has worked for me and the women I have coached, as well as offering science-based research solutions as simple as adjusting your diet. Remember, indulging now and then is not going to derail your efforts. Never hold onto anger and disappointment around the foods your body is telling you you need to eat.

It’s natural to have cravings before and during your period. Science shows that when you have your period many hormones are out of kilter. For example, your progesterone is at its peak a few days before the start of your period. Your eostrogen levels are also out, making you feel not yourself. Your magnesium level is also low premenstrual, so craving chocolate specifically is completely normal. Some studies indicate that women’s food intake can increase by around500 calories per day. But remember, you are burning more calories before and during your cycle, your basal metabolic rate is higher than usual. Scientists also say women tend to eat more when their eostrogen levels are low and progesterone levels are high. 

When the cravings start to hit, it’s important to note what it is that you are craving is usually a sign of something that is lacking in the body. Scroll down to your craving to see what could be causing it and how to beat it.


If you crave chocolate during your period then you’re lacking magnesium. You’re also searching for a serotonin fix. I suggest upping the magnesium-rich food in your diet a week before your period and during menstruation. I also recommend taking a magnesium supplement. Try to load up on oats and green veggies, the Glow Cleanse will provide you with adequate dishes containing these. Think Hulk Soup and Hulk Juice as well as the green leafy veggies you’ll have with your dinner on the eating plan. Once again, I also recommend my Winter Cleanse as it features a delicious Skinny Hot Chocolate recipe that will certainly satisfy your choccie craving. You may also want to eat few blocks of dark chocolate. Good old peanut butter on wholewheat bread, high in magnesium, is another great option.


Your cravings might depend on your mood- if you’re feeling low, you might feel like eating for comfort. I don’t suggest you turn to food solely for comfort. I’ve gone through years worth of periods, hormone imbalances and have been pregnant. I, therefore, understand when my body wants carby snacks. Eating carbs increase your serotonin levels and stimulates the central nervous system, which is why we feel happy when consuming them. My suggestion would be to focus on complex carbohydrates such as low GI brown bread, oats, wholewheat pasta, and sweet potatoes. I would also listen to the cravings and indulge in some of them. Restricting yourself results in binging, this is counterproductive and traumatic on so many levels. If you need a more wholesome approach try my Winter Glow Cleanse! It features one refeed day, popcorn snacks and homemade burgers with yummy sweet potato fries, which will hit the spot on those days you feel like takeout.  The RushTush eating plans can be purchased here:


If you’re craving something salty, then your body might be signalling that you have a mineral deficiency. In which case, eat sea salt and veggies that are high in water content and minerals. What about salty edamame? Soy sauce on your sashimi/sushi? Try olives and salty nuts. Please make sure that you drink plenty of water so that the minerals can flow throughout your body. You could also try a steaming hot cup of RushTush Detox Tea which contains green honey bush, lemongrass, ginger, liquorice root (9%), spearmint, rooibos and senna which can assist with period bloating and cravings. 


Relax. Put on your cutest workout gear, call a friend and meet up for a walk or a short jog. Better yet, go spend some time in nature, appreciate the beauty. This too shall pass. Some women do crave more food just before their period and this could be because they’re lacking vitamin B. Don’t stress out though. I suggest you try the butterbean curry in the RushTush Winter Cleanse to get more beans in your diet. I also recommend the Glow Cleanse to up your intake of vitamin B2 due to the generous amount of broccoli, spinach, kale and asparagus in the eating plan. The Glow Cleanse also has recommendations on how to eat before your period. For vitamin B6, eat some peanut butter. 

I also recommend that you take RushTush Metabolic Spray as it wards off cravings and contains vitamin B. Simply spray four times in the mouth each morning before breakfast and after brushing your teeth. Grab your magical mouth spray for R800 here: It lasts for two months. 


An increase in stress can lead to emotional eating. I always tell my Glow girls that eventful things can take place every day and stress eating EVERY DAY is not a healthy coping mechanism.  

Some women prefer to take a break from physical exercise, but that does mean that each month you’ll be skipping three to seven days depending on how long you menstruate. I recommend doing light exercise during your period. Listen to your body and take it as easy as you need. You have your whole life to train, there’s no rush. I take off training on my first day if the pain is too much. There is nothing wrong with a brisk walk during your period. Or, if you have the RushTushFit App, why not try the first week of the beginner programme for the week during your period? Or go back to week one of the Newbie Body guide, or try my bodyweight workouts during your period. 

The RushTush Fit app can be downloaded here:

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Lastly, remember your body is going through physiological changes during your menstrual cycle. Whatever you are feeling, is okay. Listen to your body and do whatever feels right for you.

Hope these tips help you. 

Love Rush XOXO