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Intermittent Fasting, the RushTush Way…

I often get asked to weigh in on the topic of intermittent fasting. I do love the concept of fasting; resetting your digestive system and allowing the body to understand the true meaning of survival. I feel modern society is so quick to numb a feeling. The moment we feel hunger we have to treat it. We don’t allow our bodies to give us the real signals. We don’t allow our bodies to feel, we reach for anything and in the moment, mostly on an emotional basis. Everything is instant.

My only concern with IF is it can be too rigid for many personality types. Or it may be counterproductive in the long run. It’s a style of eating one needs to adopt with ease, I would even do IF once/twice per week. This is a good way of implementing the concept but still having regular eating days. No diet should consume and control you. 

There are different types of intermittent fasting, such as:

  • 12:12 (12 hours fasting, 12 hours eating window)
  • 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating window)
  • 14:10 (14 hours fasting, 10 hours eating window)
  • Prolonged fasting (this is usually done every 6-8 weeks or once a month where a person undertakes a long fast such as 24-36 hours)
  • Alternative Day (restricting calories to 500 every second day)
  • OMAD (Eating only one meal a day)

So, if you choose to do 16:8, then you could begin eating at 12 and stop eating by 8 pm.
You, therefore, skip or delay having breakfast.

Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day and by cutting it out, you could cut your calories for the day by 20 to 40 percent, depending on what you would normally eat for breakfast. High sugar cereal is not beneficial for the body and should be avoided.

Intermittent fasting has also thrown out other paradigms that were thought to be essential for weight loss- six small meals throughout the day is one of them. Multiple small meals might not be necessary for weight loss and might not actually ideal for women.


While my diets do include two snacks throughout the day, they are intended for someone who already snacks and has not yet learned to listen to their body’s cues and signals. If you are going to snack, I would rather provide you with options that are going to be the most beneficial for you but snacking is not needed to boost your metabolism, I know this was said to you by many people but it is not valid. Eating all day overtaxes the pancreas and digestive system. I always tell the women, if you aren’t hungry don’t force feed yourself. Listen to your body.

I have never believed in the need to eat and graze all day. You don’t always have to be full. Snacking increases your calorie intake AND every time you eat INSULIN is released into the body. Too much insulin in the body causes weight gain so the more times you eat in a day, the more insulin will be released in the body which could lead to you picking up weight. It also depends on what you’re snacking on, that’s why I offer snack solutions in my plans.

Six meals a day, breakfast being the most important, and calories in and calories out are outdated ways of eating and are not good enough to assist women in weight loss. Calorie counting is not effective as the body will adapt leading you to further reduce calories in order to break out of plateaus or you will need to burn more calories during training. This becomes exhausting and weighing ones food and calculating calories is exhausting and is not sustainable. It doesn’t make sense as a lifestyle. Instead follow your body’s cues and stop eating when you are full. Encourage your body and mind to reconnect, this is what intuitive eating is about. Your metabolic rate will also decrease as a result of restricting calories for a long time.

The theory says that the longer you are in the fasting state the better, but most women do well on the 16:8.

The benefits of fasting could include:

It helps to shift weight and allows the body to tap into your fat reserves for energy – which only happens when the body is in a fasting state. The body will normally burn sugar and carbs first (this is why many people prefer to exercise or do cardio before their first meal of the day)

  • Regulates insulin and lowers blood pressure.
  • Leads to less oxidative stress on the body. Every time we eat the body needs to break down the food and during this process, free radicals are released into the body.
  • Stimulates Human Growth Hormone which is anti-aging and helps maintain muscle mass.
  • Enhances autophagy and basically recycles the cells in the body.
  • Prevents and delays cancer.
  • Helps reduce visceral fat.
  • Improves mental clarity.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Protects against Alzheimer’s and protects the brain.

Despite the benefits, intermittent fasting is not for everyone. Don’t do intermittent fasting if:

Restriction leads to you overeating as this is counterproductive. If you are someone who would overeat after fasting, then I’d prefer you explore other eating methods that suit your mental health.

You get headaches or nausea if you don’t eat in the morning. However, you can change the eating window if you prefer to eat in the morning and you could stop eating earlier.

I would also not recommend intermittent fasting if you have diabetes, are a child or adolescent, have kidney issues or have struggled with any eating disorder.

Tips on how to get started:

  • If you are clear of the above-mentioned factors and want to try intermittent fasting then I would suggest you begin with 12:12, move to 14:10 and then move to 16:8.
  • You can also follow any of my eating plans along with intermittent fasting by simply beginning your eating window with meal one and ending it with the last meal at 19:45. Or you could combine Hulk Juice and Gluc. Support with the lunch meal at 12, combine the two snacks at 16:00 with a Gluc Support and 19:45 you can have the recommended supper meal. You can choose how you want to set out your meal times.
  • Take your Metabolic Spray first thing in the am and continue your fast. The rest of the supplements take your Gluc Support with first meal and second, RushTush Whey shake before dinner/or gym. RushTush teas can be enjoyed throughout the day along with other teas and coffees as long as you don’t add sugar and milk variants.
  • If you get hungry during a fast or want to extend your fasting time, a great tip is to have bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter or MCT oil), this will keep you satiated and because it is made up of fat it won’t spike your insulin or take a few pumps of Metabolic Oral Spray.
  • While intermittent fasting has no recommendations on calories and on what to eat, nutritional choices have a profound impact on our health. What you eat is as important as when you eat. I suggest that you focus your eating plan on quality protein, healthy fat, oily fish, avo, green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, other root veg and quinoa. Limit sugar and alcohol and keep the body well hydrated.

    And, for those asking whether you can follow the Glow Cleanse and use RushTush Pharma while intermittent fasting, of course, you can! Simply amend the programme accordingly. The Naked Glow is also closely linked to intermittent fasting protocol.

I suggest you start with 30 days of intermittent fasting to see if it works for you, your lifestyle, and your habits. Keep in mind that it could take 6-8 weeks to see a difference. Lastly, talk to a healthcare professional. A doctor or dietician can advise and guide you whilst taking into account your INDIVIDUAL medical history and goals.

Rushda xox

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Eating for the Bump

Nutrition while growing a healthy baby is of utmost importance to both mom and child. You want to ensure that you’re at your strongest bill of health to grow and birth your baby and to recover efficiently postpartum. Remember that it’s normal for you to feel a little overwhelmed and unsure regarding whether you’re eating the right foods and the correct quantities. Nutritional needs do increase during pregnancy and is essential for the baby’s development; it ensures that you don’t have any deficiencies during and after. You’re not eating for two but you need to be focusing on quality nutrition. Many mums overcome horrid morning sickness around 11 weeks, after this time, I start to make healthier choices. Before that there is just no way. Feeling violently ill means I can’t smell taste or see certain food types. Although eating better and exercise alleviated my morning sickness symptoms temporarily. Remind yourself that pregnancy isn’t for ever, soon it will be over and the sacrifices will be worth it. Nothing lasts for ever and it too shall pass.


Ensure that you are well hydrated during your pregnancy

Water is essential to prevent dehydration. It helps to alleviate morning sickness, constipation, and urinary tract infections. During pregnancy, blood volume increases, and your body channels hydration to the baby, but if you don’t monitor your water intake, YOUR OWN body will become dehydrated in this process. Headaches, anxiety, and tiredness are signs that you could need more water. You’re also losing electrolytes rapidly while preggies, that is why I have added a homemade recipe in my Bump Glow plan to ensure that you always have an easy way to up your electrolyte levels when needed.

Bump up the nutrients

In terms of what should be on your plate during pregnancy, you need to be getting whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Your calorie intake should also increase as your baby grows during the three trimesters and it is also essential to be getting enough nutrients. There are recommendations for exact amounts of different essential vitamins and macronutrients required for pregnancy. However, many women have asked me what to eat during pregnancy and have been concerned about whether they are giving their baby everything he/she needs nutritionally. I wanted to offer women something to help relieve the guesswork while at the same time preventing anyone from feeling overwhelmed with all the details of the exact amounts of calories and nutrients. It was then that Bump Glow was born. The e-book contains all the information you need and an easy-to-follow eating plan. The plan works well for your partner too. No need to prepare different meals.

The recipes contain legumes, protein, whole grains, fish, dairy, and enough fruit, avocado, and green leafy veggies. I have also included eggs in the meal plan for the brain health and development of the growing baby. There are many other food sources added to the menu, each was specifically chosen to ensure that you are getting in enough folate, fibre, magnesium choline, potassium, calcium, essential fats, iron, and other nutrients as well as enough protein which helps increase blood supply to the baby for his or her tissues and organs.

Here are a few diet tips to keep in mind:

Avoid eating too much fish that is high in mercury. Everything in moderation. 

Drink Hulk Juice. Be careful of store-bought drinks during pregnancy. I prefer homemade at this time as it is important to wash all fruit and veg properly and opt for organic produce if you can. Always eat and order at reputable sources. It’s really just a sensitive time, prevention is better than cure.

If you find that you’re experiencing swelling (of the face, knees, feet, etc) then it could be a result of water retention and a diet high in refined sugar. Cut back on those sweeties, chocolates, after meal desserts and pastries. You are not starving yourself if you are ignoring your cravings. I recommend Bump Glow because the eating plan controls your sugar and salt intake and provides enough calories and nutrients for you and your growing baby.  Unusual cravings are normally a sign that your body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals. This can be solved by eating a balanced and varied eating plan.

Stock up on pregnancy supplements

Prenatal vitamins are vital, as well as calcium (to build your baby’s bones and regulate your body’s use of fluids), iron (to ensure that enough oxygen is supplied to both you and your baby), and folic acid (which reduces the risk of neural tube defects). You can also take collagen during pregnancy and thereafter to assist with any postpartum hairloss, making your hair re growth faster. Collagen also assists with skin elasticity keeping the skin fortified for stretching and contraction. Inside the Bump Glow e-book, you will also find a full list of recommended supps!

Remember this is not the time to be worried about weight gain and restricting kilojoules. If your baby doesn’t get the correct nutrients it can affect growth and development. However, honing in on your nutrition doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating your favourite foods. During all my pregnancies I ate certain foods I wouldn’t normally eat but I still had healthy food (according to the Bump Glow in order to ensure that my baby received adequate nutrients). The Bump Glow also has healthy pizza and sweet treat recipes to keep those cravings under control. Below I’ve shared some of my go too snacks when I felt I was getting out of control with indulging in my cravings, my body was saying; excuse me! SOS!

Rush’s Sexy Bump Snack List:

Fruits, especially berries, citrus and dates
Nuts, salted
Chilli biltong
Dried fruit
Chocolate covered oat bars
Plain full cream Yoghurt and honey with fruit
Cracker bread with peanut butter
Flavoured sparkling water (sugar free)
Dark chocolate
Pringles (very rarely)

Goodluck with your pregnancy and I salute you for trying to make healthy choices for your baby and yourself!

If you’re looking to keep strong and fit and prepare yourself for birth Id highly recommend Pump The Bump on my fitness app, RushTushFit App. If you find the workouts are too long, cut them in half, half a session is better than no session, it will still put you in good stead for the future.

Enjoy every moment and share your baby pump pics with me on Instagram: @rushtush @rushtushlife


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Metabolic Oral Spray, Call it magic.

My Metabolic Oral Spray devised by a medical doctor and manufactured here in our lab in Cape Town, had been a supplement I used for roughly a year before deciding to introduce it to the market. I needed to share the incredible safe results I was achieving. Coming from a long history of trying different weight loss supplements and performance enhancing gimmicks, I am very sceptical toward this narrative. Fat burners are a big no in my wellness teaching. When working with a supplement like this I needed to be ultra-cautious and deliver a safe lifestyle enhancement. I’ve never experienced anything like it before and I knew it would be the game changer women were after.

There’s no surprise why it has been my best seller since its launch in 2019. This magic oral spray, boosts energy levels, flattens the tummy and slims the waistline and stubborn fat pockets like bra and back fat, upper inner thighs and especially when used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy eating plan, like one of my Glow Guides. It’s almost too good to be true and the fact that its stimulant free, with no horrible side effect, jitters, insomnia and anxiety is a big passing factor for me.

The spray contains ingredients that are lipotropic; this means that it helps the body metabolize fat faster. It also kills any kind of unhealthy cravings by rebalancing your system.

Below is a breakdown of these ingredients and their function:

L-Methionine is added to the metabolic spray because it is great for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It helps you recover after training and boosts liver function and cardiovascular health.

Choline is an essential nutrient and is required by the body in order to function optimally.

It has many benefits including; assisting with muscle movement, boosting your metabolism, enhancing your performance during training, and lowering your blood pressure. It also protects the liver and helps it remove cholesterol from the body.

Chromium is useful for those who want to shed weight, balance blood sugar levels, gain muscle tone, and control hunger and cravings. This makes it a great addition for anyone following any one of the RushTush eating plans.

Inositol is beneficial as it improves your mood and may help insulin work more effectively in the body. It may also reduce anxiety due to its effect on serotonin levels. Meanwhile, it also controls blood sugar levels. Insulin sensitivity is said to be a factor of infertility associated with PCOS. Studies have found that inositol may help in these cases as it can improve the function of the ovaries.

L-carnitine is the key ingredient that helps with reducing love handles and fat around your midsection. It helps your body become more efficient in burning fat and not only does it decrease the amount of fat that your body stores, but it also helps reduce visceral belly fat. When used BEFORE a workout, L-carnitine can help you burn more fat during your training and provide you with more energy for your session. It also reduces lactic build-up, which is responsible for the pain and muscle fatigue you may experience after exercise.

Calcium Pantothenate, or Vitamin B5, helps increase energy levels and focus. It also reduces fatigue, maintains a healthy metabolism, and helps your body use carbs, protein, and fats more efficiently. Vitamin B5 also boosts hair health by strengthening the strand and nourishing the follicles from within.

Methyl cobalamin (otherwise known as vitamin B12) is an essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce.

It helps the body in a number of ways, including:

  • Red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves memory
  • Supports bone and heart health
  • Metabolizes serotonin and thus regulates your mood

Nicotinamide is commonly known as Vitamin B3 or niacin and plays a vital role in cell health and converting food into energy. The vitamin also plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy which is why it is regularly added to skincare products.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, cannot be produced by the body so it needs to be obtained through diet and/or supplements. It helps create red blood cells and metabolize protein, fat, and carbs. The vitamin also helps improve and protect the eyes and brain’s health and function. It also regulates mood due to its effect on dopamine and serotonin. You may also find that it helps reduce symptoms of PMS.

Vitamin B1, thiamine or thiamine, also helps the body use carbs for energy. It plays a key role in nerve, heart, and muscle function as well as glucose metabolism.

All the ingredients have been specifically selected because they work both individually and together to target fat deposits and improve skin, hair (it stimulates hair growth as well), and heart health while also providing you with energy for workouts and your daily tasks. The spray is also great for those who have a Vitamin B deficiency (common for people who are vegans) and can be used in conjunction with The Glow Cleanse, Winter Glow, Naked Glow, OR any diet and exercise plan.

Our Metabolic Oral Spray is easy to use – just spray 6 times into a clean mouth.

Many want to know before or after brushing teeth? It doesn’t matter. If you forget to take it first thing, don’t skip a day just have your dose when you remember and gradually increase your dosage over time.

It’s great just before a morning workout and lasts at least two months, depending on your dosage.

The Metabolic Oral Spray works for everyone and is gender fluid not only women can reap it’s results.

The spray also helps fight off colds, flu, and other illnesses as it improves and maintains a healthy immune system. This makes the RushTush Metabolic Oral Spray a must-have for anyone looking for safe and credible health-boosting benefits.

You’re welcome!


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Detox your Life for Mental Wellbeing

Protecting our peace needs to become a priority in all of our lives. It has not always been easy for me, but I have learned to prioritise my mental health. It’s as important as my physical health. Everything I do, is to ensure that my mind is working optimally, not just for myself, but for those around me.

Below are some of the things I have worked on and have put in place that have assisted me. I hope these tips will help you too.


Communicating effectively.

A big part of maintaining my mental health is ensuring that I am on top of things and managing my time productively. I always ensure that my team’s up-to-date and well-briefed on their tasks. Knowing that they can comfortably carry out tasks makes it easier for us to deal with curveballs. Clear lines of communication are crucial to managing work stress for me and my team. It’s also important that everyone is on the same page and that we are working well in advance on our specific tasks and campaigns according to a deadline.

I don’t like to operate in a “last-minute panic mode”. I think that this is a toxic work environment that I don’t want to be a part of nor subject, my team, to. I want everyone to have a healthy working environment as much as possible, that is within our control. It is also important to rest when needed and take time off from work.

Filter out negativity.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point (and I work at it every day). You can start working on protecting your peace by filtering out what you read and see on the internet as well as who you spend time with. There’s no need to expose yourself to things that aren’t going to benefit and serve you well.

Spring clean your friendship and family circles.

Limit your interaction with negative people who bring you down. Even if these people are immediate or extended family members. Always speak up for yourself.

If it’s possible for you, become financially independent and create boundaries. The more financial freedom you have as a person, the less likely you would feel the need to do things, that you don’t want to do and the less likely you would feel the need to stay in relationships that no longer serve you or are abusive.

Monitor and create your own support structures and ensure that you surround yourself with people who have the same values, morals and mindset as you. You don’t want people around you who will drag you down or into their mess. In your career and personal life, it’s important to have people around you who uplift you, and help you grow.

Listen to music, pray, meditate, and exercise.

Family, financial, mom-stress and responsibility also exist and need to be managed because I want the best out of life and tackle things from all angles in order to live and not simply exist. I always turn to music, dancing, meditating, and training.

Training plays a huge role in mental health and gives your mind clarity because moving oxygen through your body creates optimum physical health which encourages optimum mental health. Working out is not about being fat-phobic, it’s about transforming your life.

If you can achieve something in the gym that you never thought possible you’ll realise that you can do anything! That then filters into your career and personal life.

Proper nutrition and hydration are key.

Healthy food sources boost your mood, and improve mental clarity and well-being. See your eating plan as a mental health detox. My Glow Guides are a great place to start.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is very important for mental health and clarity! If I feel overwhelmed over things that I cannot control I turn to emotion-focused therapy and also use CBD gummies with RushTush Calming Tea.

Lastly, do more of what you love. Try deep therapy, choose your battles and protect your peace. You have to look at mental well-being on a holistic level. You can’t just focus on diet and still surround yourself with negativity. If you are going to cut out refined sugars from your diet then you must also cut out that toxic friend from your life. You know the one that only needs you during a break-up and drags you down.

Detox your life on a 180-degree level to attain your own personal peace.



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Green Juice, Not Just a Trend

GreenGreen juice has become a part of everyday life. It’s on almost every restaurant or coffee shop menu. It’s in the hands of your colleagues and many celebrities. But, green juice shouldn’t just be a phase you follow until the next trend. The Hulk Juice has been the superstar of my eating plans for many years because the benefits stand the test of time and aren’t just seen or felt as a trend.

You may know that green juice is good for you, but do you know why you should drink it and what it actually does in your body?

The Hulk Juice is filled with vitamins and nutrients that is absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to various parts of the body immediately. Your body doesn’t need to break down the juice, so you’re giving your digestive system a mini-break.

Immune Boost, After One Glass
It’s filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients which help to resist damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are not good, they weaken and burden our immune systems. The Hulk Juice also boosts gut health, which ends up improving your immune system as well because part of it is located in the gut. It works in the gut by assisting microorganisms to absorb nutrients in order to be strong enough to protect us against disease. It also alleviates constipation and regulates bowel movements. The regular bowel movements is also due to green juice’s detoxification properties.

Detox Made Easy
The body is designed to detox itself, but drinking green juice actually helps the natural detoxification process. It also supports the various stages of detoxing by ensuring that the body has the required nutrients to clear out toxins. It also improves the health and function of the liver; which is responsible for detoxification. The result of the detoxification is a less bloated stomach, reduction in cellulite and a clearer complexion.

The full body spring clean also touches the reproductive organs which improves your fertility. Hulk Juice is also great during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Glow Inside-Out with this Beauty Elixir
The effect of what’s happening on the inside is seen on the outside. Hulk Juice slows down the aging process making you appear more youthful. Your complexion will clear, your skin will glow and your eyes will become brighter. The ingredients also improves the health of your nails and hair. The vast beauty benefits of green juice is also due to hydration and its rich concentration of Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin E.

Boost Your Energy the Green Way
Not only will you SEE the effects of the body detoxing, but you will also FEEL them. You will feel healthier, lighter and more energetic. Hulk Juice is a great start the day and is the perfect snack when you have energy slump as it gives you an instant boost. In addition to these benefits, the Hulk Juice recipe found in the Glow Cleanse e-books also boosts your electrolyte levels, helps alleviate stomach cramps and nausea and acts as a natural antibiotic.

It’s a Family Affair
Kids will benefit from the addition of veggies during growth and development. Teens will benefit from the natural energy it provides. The elderly will also benefit from it as assists to alleviate some of the ailments that they may be faced with.

Hulk Juice also helps prevent or lower chronic illnesses, helps fight cholesterol and is anti-inflammatory which may prevent blood clots. It can also help them digest much-needed nutrients, especially for the elderly who are beginning to lose their appetite, which can happen as we age. Research also indicates that drinking green juice every day helps keep the heart healthy and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.Hulk Juice also helps with cell regeneration has cancer-fighting properties, helps to shed weight and reduces inflammation in the body. It also aids in the production of red blood cells, assists the blood to transport oxygen better and can even help treat anaemia.

The Hulk Juice increases, your family’s intake of veggies and greens, especially if you’re not eating enough of these nutrients. With that said, having a Hulk Juice is not about drinking your greens instead of eating it. Ensure that you are eating enough veggies and greens.

Now that you are more informed about what’s in your green glass, hopefully when you drink it you can visualise these benefits entering your life. If you want to take these Hulk benefits forward and capitalise on alkalising your nutrition, I’d suggest following the entire Glow Cleanse, which is inflammatory-free (i.e. gluten and dairy free), which is perfect for the entire family.

Share your green journey with me. I love to hear it. Pop us an email at



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Nutrition during Ramadan

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims across the world. Health is one of the biggest blessings anyone can have. Make the most out of this special time by making correct food choices that fuel and nourish your body. These tips will go a long way in helping you ensure that your body has the required nutrients it needs for your daily tasks.


When creating your weekly and monthly shopping lists, try to concentrate on whole foods with less ingredients and good quality, nutritious food sources. Try to avoid simple sugars, white breads, high carb veggies like white potatoes, cereals with high sugar content.


Creating a weekly meal plan is a great idea to ensure that you remain on track. You could want to turn to hearty and delicious dishes after fasting all day, so try some options that you could make for the whole family from Glow Cleanses include the scrambled egg dishes, the egg cups, Muscle pancakes, chicken burgers, salads from the Glow Cleanses and sweet potato fries, roti and curry. You could also mini versions of the pizza recipes if you have the Momma Glow. Or make an egg dish or a smoothie from my Ramadan Glow. The recipe can feed the whole family if you tweak the quantities of the ingredients listed.

You can also eat foods that are more nutrient dense during eating times as you are not consuming anything throughout the day. Try this free recipe from the Ramadan Glow diet and make a big batch of oats for the whole family in the morning: this is my go to in the morning and it’s all that I eat for Sehri as it’s the only thing that sees me through. Once you’ve had this well-balanced, filling and nutritious brekkie, you will definitely appreciate the Ramadan Diet.

For help with your meal plans, try the Ramadan Diet. It also contains a built-in shopping list for extra convenience.


Getting an adequate supply of protein is essential to maintain muscle and keep you satiated for the day ahead. Some great options include lean mince, lean cold meats chicken breasts, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, plain yogurt, chickpeas, lentils, beans.

How do you know if you should start taking protein powder? I’ve broken down your FAQ here.


During this time, you want to avoid the simple carbs! Try to add carbs that will help fuel your body and give you energy. Low GI options also create a slow release of carbohydrates in the body making them a great option for the day ahead. They also maintain your blood sugar levels so they don’t spike- which tends to happen with simple carbs. Try to eat more whole wheat food options, sweet potatoes, and oats.


Foods that don’t benefit the body should be avoided if you are focussing on your health during this time. Why not try to make healthier versions of your favourite meals? There is no point in consuming empty calories as it won’t help fuel you for the day’s task. So try to avoid simple carbs, empty calories, high sugar foods and foods that are too high in fat. Instead, opt for fats like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado.


Water is essential for the body so sip slowly on 1 litre before sunrise and 1 litre after sunset. Follow the recommendations in the Ramadan Glow to ensure that your body is kept hydrated.


Use the Metabolic Oral Spray at breakfast time and have your meal as per normal.

Take your Gluc Support after your breakfast meal and your second pill with your meal, when you break your fast. See full pharma range here.


Dig into bowls of nutritious, warm and hearty soup especially on cold nights. The soups will help you pack in more veggies into your diet during this month. My favourite soups are the Hulk Soup – filled with gorgeous greens- and the sweet potato soup in the Winter Glow. You can have your soup with brown bread with an egg for some extra protein.

I hope these tips help you feel good and energised during the time you are fasting. The Ramadan Diet eating plan builds on the information given here for those needing more help. There are tips for building your own meals to ensure that your body has enough calories and nutrients. There’s also advice for those experiencing symptoms of constipation. As well as how to get enough water, and beneficial information on how to not overeat at eating times.


The plan contains healthy cost-effective meals including smoothie recipes, protein pancake recipes and egg meal options. No food group is excluded and the eBook is all about showing you the right foods to consume during Ramadan. The eBook even lists what to throw out the fridge and pantry and what to eat instead. I hope you enjoy creating the delicious meals featured in the eating plan as well as the freedom that comes with preparing your own RushTush approved dinners using the guidelines inside the eBook. This is what makes the eating plan so easy to follow and is sustainable for the entire month as well as for years to come. You can also use this eating plan for the entire family for healthy weight loss during this amazing month. And if you are looking to maintain your lean muscles that have come with training (using the RushTush app I hope) then this plan is also for you.

Ramadan Glow is created with love by RushTush and MyDieticianZA. It costs R450 and can be used along with the RushTush pharma range, so don’t forget to stock up on your protein powder!

If you are training during Ramadan, be sure to check this link for my tips:

May you be richly rewarded for your sacrifices.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Love RushTush


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Fitness During Ramadan

Fitness and wellbeing have finally engrossed almost all the Muslim population in South Africa. I see more young families that have made more positive lifestyle changes in their homes than our parents and their parents have. I see more hijabi runners and young moms making more educated decisions regarding nutrition with their kids and within their homes. Even though traditions will always be stuck here in Cape Town, don’t let the culture interfere with the changes you are trying to make or have made, now during the holy month of Ramadan.

With the Ramadan approaching many newbies are faced with a new dilemma of whether not to exercise in Ramadan and when is the best time to exercise… Yes, to those of us who have always kept up our training and healthy eating know that it’s just a matter of 1) timing our sessions and 2) what type of training when.

Yes, during the holy month the focus shifts from your physique and fitness goals and sacrifices are made, but it’s my PERSONAL OPINION that this does not mean you need to put a halt on all your hard work. An entire month of inactivity will cause significant setbacks in strength and cardiovascular endurance, not to mention the mental and emotional effort it would take to get back on track again. Maintaining fitness and some sort of muscle mass will make it easier to resume your regular schedule after Ramadan. Goals like cutting and building muscle mass will prove difficult, so instead we should focus on overall well-being and maintenance. Also striving for balance, looking at the month on a holistic level.

With so many schools of thought and opinion on weight training and cardio during Ramadan I’ve concluded a few tips and guidelines based on my personal experience on how to manage your fitness regime.


Training when your schedule allows it might not be the best for your body during the fast. But it’s better than nothing. I love a little night walk on the prom and a cardio session before I break my fast, but this isn’t always possible with family responsibilities.  Sacrifices and adjustments might need to be made. I’m here to explain a clever and more sustainable approach for you to cover an entire month.

The best time to do cardio for maximum fat loss is:

Just before fast break.
Before Fajr.


Perform 45-60 minutes of moderate intensity cardio like a brisk walk on a treadmill or a run if you’re feeling up to for it. I wouldn’t recommend too much running during the month as you will just be burning MORE muscle. If fat loss is your goal you will need to make your diet a priority, you would be wasting your time doing long runs. Also, the benefit of waking up early to perform your cardio before Fajr means you can get extra water in for the day.

If pre-Fajr is not an option for you, then I would suggest breaking your fast with a smoothie and getting a 30–40-minute interval session in on your legs. Be creative, the point is to work really hard for short burst of time and recover ie: sprints, skipping, machine cardio, bodyweight is also an option here as you can touch up on some muscle and train your cardiovascular system at the same time! To make your job easier, I’ve put together workouts you can do at home with zero equipment needed. Access my BODYWEIGHT BABE CHALLENGE on my fitness app, RushTushFit. If you’re running out of time transform the workout into an express one by only doing half. Save the rest for the next session.


The best time to do weight training is not while fasting. This can create way too much muscle breakdown and cause a significant rise in the catabolic hormone cortisol. Training while in a state of dehydration can decrease strength significantly. This does not mean that you won’t see me lifting weights while fasting. I’m educating you on the BEST solution for muscle preservation and fat loss that will be sustainable all month.

I would recommend hitting the weights after taraweh prayers at night. This will ensure that you will have had two meals and plenty of water in your system before going to the gym. This will also give you time to get an extra snack in before bed. If this is too late, then 30-45 minutes after fast break before taraweh a short 30min weight session is all you need.

There are workouts on my app that use weights too. Just be sure to half the workout too, as fasting can be draining, and you might want to attend evening taraweh and prep for the next day.

So, you can easily rotate your cardio evenings and your weightlifting sessions throughput the week.


We always start off with good intentions, but our desires and emotions get the better of us during this time. Often, I find that we associate certain types of food with specific occasions. Most of the time the food we reach for isn’t what we are craving for what we need to eat for our bodies at the time. But more of an emotional desire being met and memories of childhood and its traditions that has brought us together as a community. If you remove this deep subconscious desire for belonging and joy from the foods, we eat it will be so much easier to eat wholesome natural and nutritious foods.

Many people I know suffer from constipation during this month. I would suggest hot water with fresh lemon in the mornings and evenings, monitoring your fiber intake and limiting processed foods. Try to make water a priority and include some physical activity after supper, which will aid digestion.

I’ve drawn up the Ramadan Diet with My Dietitian based on these concerns and questions many women are faced with as what to eat at fast break and in the mornings. Shop the Ramadan Diet here.

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Take Your Workout To “The Next Level” Using Stairs

You’re a busy woman, with limited time to exercise. You might even want to train for an hour but end up not having time. With everything you have to get done in a day, you want maximum results in minimum time-  exercise that delivers a cardio workout while also toning your body and legs. The truth is you have access to the cheapest, effective form of exercise, and it might even be in your own home or apartment building. Yes, I’m referring to the stairs. 

I love adding stair drills to my cardio or warm up routine.

Here’s why:

Stairs Training Magnifies Your Fitness, in Turn Burning Fat
Stairs offer huge cardiovascular benefits and of course this would be the number one reason to add it to your training plan. A person weighing 75kg could burn up to 340 calories in just 20 minutes by running up and down stairs. It’s an easy way to burn fat during cardio days while following my Newbie Body Program or the Stairs Series on my RushTushFit App.

Even though flat surface walking and incline walking is appropriate to burn fat. Running stairs demands more muscular work and is obviously a lot harder, meaning you will burn calories just recovering from your workout.

It Burns Calories Even After You’ve Completed Your Session.
Walking up an incline requires more effort to maintain your balance and stairs (at a 15 percent incline) burns about 67 percent more calories than walking on flat surfaces. 

It’s Free 
You don’t need to spend every day in the gym or in a workout class. What I love about stairs and climbing anything is the opportunity to be in a new environment, and getting in my zone. It’s a therapeutic moment for me, reaching summits and releasing energy.

Keep the body guessing and change things up by alternating stairs with running outdoors. That way you will also avoid a plateau during weight loss. 

Stairs Offers Body Toning Benefits 
Think tighter, firmer glutes.

You can add resistance exercises to your routine by holding dumbbells or a kettlebell while performing elevated leg lunges and calf raises on the first step. You can even do box jumps, burpees and mountain climbers on the first step to increase your calorie burn.

For an added burn, I also love strapping on a pair of ankle weights before jogging up the stairs. A weighted vest is also great.

It’s Quick
You don’t have to jog up the stairs for hours. The stairs help your body go into cardiovascular fat-burning mode super quickly. Keep your stair sweat sessions to 10 to 30 minutes.

And there you go. Using stairs is the perfect way to work the entire body by elevating the heart rate, torching calories while also shaping and sculpting your glutes, quads, hamstrings and your calves.

All this, in the most affordable way and shortest time possible.



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Carve Out Your Goddess Body

If gaining a healthy and fitter body is your goal, then you’re probably wondering how to start. While nutrition is essential in creating your best self, training accordingly is also important. 

If you have some weight that you’d like to shift, I would start with a 45 minute cardio-based session 4 times a week. Begin with 30 minutes building up to  an hour. Follow this routine for about a month. From there, assess your progress and begin to add some weight-bearing fitness sessions. Two or three full body weight training sessions along with cardio will suffice. 

If you are a newbie looking to work on your fitness, but you don’t have any equipment at home or are still insecure about lifting some weights, I would suggest doing my 6-week Bodyweight Babe Challenge on the RushTushFit App. You’ll get familiar with moving your body, in a resistance, bodyweight way. This is still challenging and you will still get the same results. I feel that this is a nice introduction to my Fitness App, which incorporates more weights. Get familiar with using and moving your bodyweight.

If your goal is to build that perfect peach, the RushTush TushSculpt Programme on my App is for you. It consists of 12 sessions – two sessions per week over six weeks. The programme is what I have used to create my Tush over the years and features exercises that build and lift and shape your butt, while still slimming down the thighs. 

If you want to lose belly fat, then the Glow Cleanses and the Naked Glow diet will help you lose in kgs and cms. Focus on cardio especially High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and circuits. More flat tummy quick truths here.

When you’re ready to maintain your weight loss then work out at least three times a week AND follow the maintenance part of the Glow Cleanse. 

Looking to elevate your training week by adding more sessions in?  The Bodyweight Babe challenge will help you achieve a leaner, even more toned result. What’s great is it’s purely bodyweight; my favourite way to train (apart from kettlebells). Slot these sessions in in between your usual schedule. I particularly enjoy doing this when the weather is bad and I don’t want to brave the outdoors to my cardio. An in-house session does the trick.

While some have aesthetic goals, others may just want good health, in which case choose any workouts you love. Be active for at least 30 minutes a day. Include outdoor training, cardio and weight training as these types of training are good for your heart and bones! Yoga is also great. 

Looking for tools for your fitness goals?

The NEWBIE BODY is an 8-week programme featuring weight training and cardio routines. It shows you what to do when and also how to do it.

Download the RushTushFit App on Android or Apple devices for a collection of fitness programmes in the palm of your hand. The app offers programmes for all fitness levels. All exercises are explained and demonstrated. Your first two weeks are on the house. 

I am excited to be part of your fitness journey.

Let’s get your goals!


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Make The Switch: Tips On How To Become Plant Based

Plant based diets have increased in popularity and there’s no doubt that eating more veggies improves our health. Becoming vegan or vegetarian can come with concerns including calorie, protein and calcium intake. It’s important that you don’t deprive yourself of nutrients when making the change.  

Firstly, take your time and prepare yourself. Try to go vegetarian – where you can consume dairy and eggs, before going vegan. My Glow Guides have both options for you. You could also try ‘Meatless Mondays’, be plant based until supper or vegan challenges where you go meat free for a month – the choice is yours.

Before transitioning, stock up on vegan and vegetarian recipes, that way you will have a variety of meals to start with to keep things interesting. Good options are chickpea burgers, salads, falafel, curries, soups, fresh juice (like the Hulk Juice) and smoothies – all available in my Vegan and Vegetarian eBooks.

Newbies to plant based diets must ensure they get enough Vitamin B, through supplementation and eating seeds and nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds etc.) dark and leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach etc.) and fruits (citrus fruits, avocados, bananas). Vegetarians can include eggs/product from animals excluding meat. Get protein from vegan protein powder, spirulina, quinoa, oat milk, oats, brown rice, basmati rice, chia seeds, nut butters, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, potatoes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Lentils are also an amazing option (contains 18g of protein per cup). Beans and chickpeas contain about 15g per cup (cooked). Green peas – contains about nine grams of protein per cup – which is actually a bit more protein than a cup of milk.

The challenge with vegan options is that they’re NOT complete protein sources whereas meat sources are.

You can, however, make your plant sources complete by combining two or more of the above options in one dish.

Remember that calcium is not just in milk! As a vegan you can get calcium from broccoli, edamame, white beans, tofu, figs, kale, and oranges. Sardines and salmon are good options if you’re a vegetarian eating seafood. 

Lastly, ensure that your body is getting the nutrients and protein it needs by filling your plate with foods from each colour of the rainbow.

See my Hot Chic Cauli Curry Recipe from the Vegan Glow:



10ml cooking oil
65ml chopped onion
5ml ginger and garlic paste
5ml mustard seeds
10ml cumin powder
2ml nutmeg
200ml-grated tomatoes
1-2 green/red chilli chopped fine 500ml baby spinach
400g cooked/canned chickpeas 7ml salt
40ml chopped coriander


1. Heat oil in medium size pot and add the onion and allow to brown slightly before adding the ginger/garlic paste and mustard seeds- stir and reduce heat.
2. While stirring add the powder spices and about 200ml grated tomatoes and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes.
3. Add the chopped chilli, chopped spinach and chickpeas, season with salt and cover the pot and allow it to simmer on low heat for about 15-20 minutes.
4. Remove from heat garnish with the chopped coriander and serve with cauliflower rice.

For more help on your journey, shop the Vegan Glow and Veggie Glow. They contain everything you need to make the switch.

I hope your new plant-based diet is fruitful – pun intended LOL