Frequently asked questions

Any female from the age of 16 to 60 can benefit from our eating plans. Kindly read the description to ensure you purchase the correct guide for your dietry requirements and/or lifestyle. Rushtush Pty Ltd is not responsible for any injury or damage to health.

Any female from the age of 16 to 45 can benefit from a RUSHTUSH training programme. Kindly read the description to ensure you purchase the correct guide for your fitness level and skill. Rushtush Pty Ltd is not responsible for any injury or damage to health.

All our eating and training guides are electronic, digital books​ and will be available for download immediately upon purchase. Simply click the underlined PDF link in your ​ORDER RECEIPT.​

No. PayFast and MobiCred are the ONLY payment methods. If you are experiencing issues checking out kindly contact Payfast Support on ​021 300 4455​.

Kindly check the prescribed usage for each supplement on the packaging and take with meals accordingly.

Make use of whichever one you have. Should you use a blender and not enjoy the pulp simply strain your juice before drinking.

Yes, you will. Exercise will accelerate your results and weight lifting will sculpt your body.

No, you do not. You may follow your intuition and eat when you are hungry. All guides are just a guideline, listen to your body.

Both the Glow Cleanse and Winter Glow Cleanse by Rushtush are gluten-free and dairy-free, with options to substitute. The WGC utilizes almond milk, although I don’t mind some fat-free lactose-free EasyGest milk from Parmalat. Avoid soy milk as it increases estrogen levels. It's also completely okay to omit milk altogether. The WGC also utilizes brown flour, which you can swop out with almond/Spelt flour to make Roshin’s Rhotis.

If you must. But also give your body a chance to detox, if you can.

No, you do not. These are my suggestions and recommendations.

Yes, the recipes and menu are family-friendly and safe for all ages.

They are both a weight loss and detoxifying cleanse. The Glow Cleanse is more spring-summer based with more salads and lighter meals. The Winter Glow Cleanse is a lot more comforting, with more warmer meals for when you’re feeling fragile. I felt I needed to create a Glow Cleanse version that works for winter and colder months. Now you can Glow Cleanse seasonally, and toggle between two diets.

For however long you desire to yield results. You can even follow Naked Glow as a lifestyle, by using the carb cycle technique. The Naked Glow teaches intuition.

Everybody is different. Some people lose weight faster than others and some have less to lose than others. The most important factor is consistent eating over a long period of time (forever). Going back to reckless habits will always yield unfavourable results.

Yes. Vegetarian options are listed in the Naked Glow.

We suggest families (kids and teens) do the Winter Glow Cleanse, Momma Glow Diet and Glow Cleanse. However men can follow the Naked Glow. They just need to double up on portions.

No problem. The Newbie Body Training Guide is designed for babes who have never exercised before. And if you’re lucky enough to have exercised before, or engaged in some sort of fitness regime, this programme is the perfect comeback from a break.

No you don’t. But you do need the kit outlined in the product description here.

I would never recommend taking up a fitness programme during pregnancy, but if you have been exercising regularly prior to your pregnancy, training while pregnant can assist in labour, strengthening muscle groups, help to regulate hormones and make you feel good, overall. In the Newbie Body Guide, the sessions get progressively more intense and the frequency is increased too. It would be safer to contact a medical professional first before getting a personal trainer.

In Part One I will explain how to take your before picture and when to weigh yourself. You may tag me on your progress pictures on Instagram for my feedback.

No! We suggest you follow the Momma Glow diet to ensure a healthy milk supply.

Any of the diets will assist in getting your body and its organs to work optimally which, in return, can assist in regulating your hormones. Please consider physical exercise along with a healthy eating plan. We have had very positive feedback.