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How I really feel about fitness

For many years fitness was seen as exclusive. Yoga studios, boxing gyms, and personal trainers all catered to a certain type of person and a very specific demographic. This kind of training seemed targeted at women who were already fit, fabulous, and wealthy and was therefore unsurprisingly perceived as a luxury. Exercise as leisure and self-care was rare in many communities in South Africa, especially among people of colour.
But I’m of the mindset that health and fitness is not a luxury. It’s an essential part of life and if someone is keen to embrace that lifestyle I want them to have access to it regardless of where they live or how they look. This belief is the very foundation of my business model and it has allowed me to extend my reach far beyond what I ever imagined when I first started out in a small rented space with a few pieces of equipment.
Many of you know that I used to teach group classes in my women’s gym. While I loved this in-person contact with my clients, it just wasn’t sustainable and I knew that there were women in other parts of South Africa (and abroad!) who wanted in on my style of training. This is where the idea of the RushTushFit app was born. I created the app so that ladies all over the world can experience the quality of training I deliver at an affordable price. For just R250 per month for the year you can tailor a workout programme to suit your level of fitness and goals, whether you’re a total newbie to exercise or a seasoned gym-goer. There’s even a program for pregnant mamas. Each move is demonstrated and explained in a video – it’s as if I’m standing right by your side training you one-on-one. And the best part is that you can train wherever you like, whenever you like.
My goal for the RushTushFit app, as well as my eBooks and pharmaceuticals, is to grow and nurture a community of healthy happy ladies because I truly believe that the way we perform in our bodies and the way we perceive how we look plays a vital role in our outlook in life. The RushTush way of life is not just for you. It’s also for your aunty, your mom, the girl who lives next door, that colleague you take coffee breaks with, your best friend. A love for fitness should be shared and encouraged and celebrated among women from all walks of life. What better way to unite than over a passion for healthy living? In the spirit of accessibility, my team has been working on making the app available to Android users too and I’m happy to announce that we’re just a few days off from launch. In the meantime, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post weekly workouts to challenge and inspire you to reach your fitness goals. You should also keep a close eye on my social media because the first heat of the Glow Getter campaign is about to start and there will be tons of relatable, informative content shared by my team of Glow Getters over the next few months.

1 thought on “How I really feel about fitness

  1. Spot on! Having a personal trainer definitely seemed like something only a wealthy woman with time and money on her hands has. But you’re so right that a healthy lifestyle is for all of us! I love reading your articles as they’re always so informative and relatable. So real!
    Just this past Sat while shopping with my mum we walked past a stand and the one guy looked at me and said “you’re having a green smoothie” and wanted to hand me a flyer. I told my mum nah then it’s more affordable & convenient signing up for your app!

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