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How to budget for the Glow Cleanse

Janine shares her Glow Cleanse Budget – because we all live in a world where our lives run by the simple B word of life.

Hey Babes and fellow Glow Girls! Since I decided to share my journey with the Glow Cleanse with you. There has been a lot of questions about the Glow Cleanse budget, getting started and my results. I decided to share my Glow Cleanse Budget because we all live in a world where our lives run by the simple B word of life.

That’s what my blog post today is all about the Budget side of the RushTush Glow Cleanse. We have all heard the phase “Healthy eating is so expensive” I say true but also when I think about it. Spending more on a lifestyle but do I really need that new Lipstick or another pair of sneakers.

Since being on the Glow Cleanse I come up with the perfect guide to get your budget and your shopping list ready for the GlowCleanse.


Firstly, Think of it as your monthly shopping but broken up into 4 weeks. I was going to buy all the ingredients. etc but I still live with my parents and I would’ve probably gotten the look from my mom, you know the “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU GOING?” look.

Let’s Jump into It

STEP 1: Purchase Your Cleanse

Head over to RushTush’s website to purchase your cleanse

Glow Cleanse 
Momma Glow Diet for Breastfeeding Moms
Ramadan Diet
Winter Glow Cleanse

STEP 2: Read Your Cleanse

You need to know what you have committed your self to. So, grab your green tea (or Coffee) and put your feet up and read through your cleanse page by page. This will give you an idea what you will be expecting, eating and challenge you will be facing.

STEP 3: Write Down All the Ingredients

Grab a piece of paper and pen. Look Carefully at each week’s recipes. Write down all the ingredients in the cleanse. Don’t think just write even if you are repeating yourself just write it down. This will make sure that you have everything on the list.

I did this exercise like thrice before finalizing the list, I am weird like that.

STEP 4: Where are you going to shop

This is where I think all you women are going to enjoy. Pick the shop you will choosing as your GLOW CLEANSE Supply store (so dramatic). Check out this they have an online. Most of them do.

I choose WOOLWORTHS, not because there is a particular reason but I am on discovery vitality so I get cash back. Heres a fun I don’t like people and being nice(im kidding). Woolworths is always emptier than Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers. So, let me say this again WOOLWORTHS is not a MUST for the Glow Cleanse.

STEP 5: Do Some Fake Online Shopping

Log on to your grocer and start searching for your products as if you will be checking out for at the end of the exercise. Try and pick the exact products you will be placing into your real-life basket.

I have made an online shopping list, One for each week. Literally labelled.
Glow Cleanse Week 1,2,3 and 4

This would give me estimated figure of how much I will be spending each week. REMEMBER always add some extra if the price of the products goes up.

STEP 6: Go Shopping

Grab your sneakers, leggings, shopping and head over to the shop. SHOP SHOP till you have everything.

That is how I do it, I know a projection of each week but I do not buy something if I have enough.


Transfer, deposit your budgeted amount into a separate account (if you have one). When you go to the shop draw the amount of money you need and ALWAYS be calculating. Your day-to-day debit card is there to fill in the blanks. I take R500 from the Glow Cleanse Trust (what I call it). and if it comes to more than that I simply use my card to pay the rest.


There are some ingredients you will be able to keep for the following week
Top Up only when you need to. For example, PEANUT BUTTER can last for 2 weeks depending on what is on the plan for the week.

Your First buy will always be more. You are going to need to stock up on all the items on the list.

Add R100 or R200 to your budget to be on the safe side.

I can’t say this is a fool-proof method but it works for me and just like us ALWAYS changing.

Until we meet again Glow Squad
Janine Papier

2 thoughts on “How to budget for the Glow Cleanse

  1. Hi Janine, Thanks for this post. Is there Abby East that you could please share your ingredients list for the Glow Cleanse? I did my list this morning but keep thinking I’m missing something. Thanks, Farzana

  2. Thanks for your advice im defnitle starting with this exercise
    Even thou im 50 😁

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