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This is Jessie Bell-Adams, Art Director at RushTush

These are the women who make RushTush great. The women behind the brand. I wanted this tribute to showcase these wonder women, shine light on their continued hard work and strong minds. Without them RushTush would be nothing. Here is some insight on what empowers them and more about what they do within the machine of the beast. 

This isn’t the whole team, as some women couldn’t get shot. Big shout out to Art Club and Friends for dressing the team for the campaign. You can shop their brand here.

Your full name and age?
Jessie Bell-Adams, 28

Your role at RushTush?
Art Director

Your pet peeve?
Forward and/rude people

As a female, what do you think has been the biggest barrier in your career?
Certain areas of my industry are still very much male dominated and sometimes it can feel like one big boys club.

Has becoming a mother changed the way you feel as a women in SA?
Yes. I’ve of course always been aware of the GBV we experience in South Africa but having a daughter heightens the worry and fear. I feel overwhelmed by the need to protect her from the abuse and inequalities we face on a daily basis in this country. 

What makes you feel empowered?
My career and the independence that brings.

What roles do as a woman feel are outdated in 2021?
The primary care taker when raising children. It’s important for our children to see and experience their parents as a team when it comes to their needs and wellbeing.  I have a partner who is equally involved in caring for and raising our child but disappointed that it’s still a shock when people hear he changes nappies and wakes up for 4am feeds.

Do you consider yourself a modern woman?
Definitely. I always try to take advantage of all the technology and resources available to make my life as simple as possible – from work to caring for and raising my daughter.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the process of product development – from the mood board to seeing it come to life and finally holding the physical package in my hands. It’s rewarding and inspires me to create more.

What is your least favourite thing about your job?
Emails! Lol.

What is your favourite RushTush product?
Collagen – it’s definitely helped maintain my hair and tight muscles during the postpartum period.

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