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This is Melody Deshe, Nanny at RushTush

These are the women who make RushTush great. The women behind the brand. I wanted this tribute to showcase these wonder women, shine light on their continued hard work and strong minds. Without them RushTush would be nothing. Here is some insight on what empowers them and more about what they do within the machine of the beast. 

This isn’t the whole team, as some women couldn’t get shot. Big shout out to Art Club and Friends for dressing the team for the campaign. You can shop their brand here.

Your full name and age?
Melody Deshe, 27.

Your role at RushTush?

Your pet peeve?
Hair in the sink.

As a female, what do you think has been the biggest barrier in your career?
Trusting our own voices

Has becoming a mother changed the way you feel as a woman in SA?
Happiness and fear. I look at people who have kids and there is such a fear and knowledge that the pain of such a loss is beyond anything I ever want to experience.

Why is woman equality so important?
Providing equal opportunities for education and employment.

What makes you feel empowered?
Challenging the negative thoughts. Taking control of my own life and making positive decisions based on what I want.

What roles do you as a woman feel are outdated in 2021?
Women in today’s world has changed for the better. We are all well aware and financially independent.

Do you consider yourself a modern woman?

What do you love most about your job?
The ability to be an integral part of a child’s development. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child grow and progress while in my care. And having fun with the children, exploring and learning about life.

What is your favourite RushTush product?

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