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This is Nomsa Nenzou, Housekeeper at RushTush

These are the women who make RushTush great. The women behind the brand. I wanted this tribute to showcase these wonder women, shine light on their continued hard work and strong minds. Without them RushTush would be nothing. Here is some insight on what empowers them and more about what they do within the machine of the beast. 

This isn’t the whole team, as some women couldn’t get shot. Big shout out to Art Club and Friends for dressing the team for the campaign. You can shop their brand here.

Your full name and age?
Nomsa Nenzou, 26.

Your pet peeve?
Bad customer care service.

As a female, what do you think has been the biggest barrier in your career?
The inequality faced by women against their male counterparts with the equal skill set.

Why is woman equality so important?
Freedom of expression and speech which has been deprived from women for the longest.

What makes you feel empowered?
Being able to express myself regardless of my role or gender.

What roles do as a woman feel are outdated in 2021?
Being a housewife.

How do you feel about roles women are expected to play in a community?
Women are the glue that holds the community together and is not appreciated.

Do you consider yourself a modern women?

What do you love most about your job?
The daily challenges have allowed me to be a better person and that I love.

What is your least favourite thing about your job?
Going home when I haven’t finished my daily tasks.

What is your favourite RushTush product?
Glow Cleanse.

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