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A workout, but for your face, with RushTush Facial Cups

Women always ask me about my skincare routine, but the truth is that I have already made (and continue to work hard) to make my ‘top secret’ tools available and accessible to you through my RushTush Skin Tool Range. 

You may have used or heard of body cupping and maybe even facial cups. I’ve been using them in my routine since working with a holistic approach to my skin lifting routine. I love using them after a facial peel and a gua sha session, to lift, circulate and promote healthy blood flow to the skin! I needed to add this beauty to my range. I wanted all you ladies to benefit from it. 

Say hello to the RushTush Silicone Facial Cups! 

What is facial cupping?
Facial cupping is an ancient technique where dome-shaped cups suck up your skin slightly. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. Facial cupping can be used as a stand-alone treatment or along with your RushTush crystal tools. 

How to use the RushTush Facial cup
Apply facial oil. You can actually use anything you like (oil, serum, cream) as long as it creates some slip to the skin so that you can drag the cup across your face with ease. Once you have your oil or whatever “slip” base you are using on your face, you then hold your RushTush facial cup in between your thumb and index finger, holding the cup to your face while pinching the cup together. You will notice the cup suck on your skin- like a vacuum. Then slowly drag the cup across the face. Using the big cup for your cheeks from the nose to your ears. Moving to your forehead, you can use the cup in an upward motion to create a lift of the eyebrow area. 

Switch to the smaller cup and tackle the under-eye area, using the same technique of placing it on the area, squeezing the cup together, and sweeping gently across the area. You can also use the small cup over your lip area. Wash the cups after use. 

NOTE: Once again, cupping should not be painful so be gentle. You will get the hang of it. Remember, it’s meant to be a cup kiss, not a cup love bite. 

Why you should add facial cupping to your routine.

Massage the face: Cupping is brilliant for relaxing the muscles of the face.
Wave goodbye to eye bags and dark circles: Cupping may help reduce the appearance of a late night (eye bags) or dark circles by gliding the small cup over the eye bags and dark circles. If you can, add the RushTush skin roller (the small side), the RushTush Mushroom stone and RushTush Hydrogen gel eye masks  to your eye bag-diminishing routine.
De-puff the face and encourage lymphatic drainage: Use the cup on the cheeks and sweep it towards your ears for a facial detox and to eliminate stored toxins by pushing it towards the lymphatic system.

Tone the jawline, neck, and chin areas: Use the cup to reduce the appearance of puffy areas.
Get glowing and stimulate circulation: Notice your skin getting a bit red or flushed while cupping? Don’t worry it is just blood flow being stimulated in the area. You’ll have a fresh glow after your treatment.
Instant facelift: By gliding the cup upward over your eyebrow to your hairline, you can create a lifting effect.
Plumps up your pout: Glide the small cup over your lips to promote blood flow to the area. Use as part of your RushTush lip care routine by first getting rid of dry cracked lips with the RushTush Pout Scrub, then using the cup to plump up the area, follow with the RushTush Pillow Talk Lip Sleeping mask if you’re heading to bed OR use your fave lippie from the RushTush collection if you’re heading out.

Lastly, cupping also stimulates collagen production. So, expect to also brighten your skin, minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles with the regular consistent use of the RushTush Facial cup. 

Ready to cup your way to a fresher, more glowing, and lifted face with a perkier more kissable pout to match? Shop the RushTush Facial cups here: RushTush Facial cups are made of silicone and come as a set of two cups.

One large one and one small one. Inside of the cute box is two sets- so you get four cups in total! They retail for R395.00. 

For me, nutrition and skincare are the foundations of great glowing youthful skin, so take the time to ensure you are looking after your skin from the inside out-it is important at any age. Oh, and remember to follow me on Instagram @rushtush, there are video tutorials in the highlight section which demonstrates how I use all my tools. 

Happy cupping!
Love RushTush

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