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This is Samantha Evans, Content Manager at RushTush

These are the women who make RushTush great. The women behind the brand. I wanted this tribute to showcase these wonder women, shine light on their continued hard work and strong minds. Without them RushTush would be nothing. Here is some insight on what empowers them and more about what they do within the machine of the beast. 

This isn’t the whole team, as some women couldn’t get shot. Big shout out to Art Club and Friends for dressing the team for the campaign. You can shop their brand here.

Your full name and age?
Samantha Evans, 34

Your role at RushTush?
Copywriter/Content Manager

Your pet peeve?
People who chew their food/crunch loudly.

What makes you feel empowered?
Self-care, both physically and mentally.
Surrounding myself with people who respect me and who I respect in return.

Do you consider yourself a modern woman?
100%. The role of the modern woman is a multi-faceted one. We take on multiple challenges and identities, and I certainly relate to this.

What do you love most about your job?
I love that I get to work on content that educates and inspires women to be the best-version of themselves.

What is your favourite RushTush product?
Collagen! I like that it completely dissolves in my coffee and has no aftertaste. Oh, and also my gua sha – it does wonders for relieving sinus pain.

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