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This is Shezan Waggie, Photographer at RushTush

These are the women who make RushTush great. The women behind the brand. I wanted this tribute to showcase these wonder women, shine light on their continued hard work and strong minds. Without them RushTush would be nothing. Here is some insight on what empowers them and more about what they do within the machine of the beast. 

This isn’t the whole team, as some women couldn’t get shot. Big shout out to Art Club and Friends for dressing the team for the campaign. You can shop their brand here.

Your full name and age? 
Shezan Waggie 30  

Your role at RushTush? 

Your pet peeve? 
Forks scratching on a plate when people eat  (it’s like nails on a chalk board for me) 

As a female, what do you think has been the biggest barrier in your career? 
Being a woman has actually been an advantage in my career because I’m able to tap into my feminine energy and I feel this has been my creative force that has allowed me to bring my work into existence. It’s like magic to me. I’m a wizard with a camera lol  

Has becoming a mother changed the way you feel as a woman in SA?
Yes. I feel the need to empower my daughters so that they never  feel they need to make themselves smaller to gain validation from others. They need to have a voice and I allow them the space to do so. 

Why is women equality so important? 
It’s a non negotiable at this point. Women take up space. We are no longer fitting into roles that society once built for us.  

What makes you feel empowered? 
Self care. Filling my cup so I can pour into others. My family & business  

What roles do you as a woman feel are outdated in 2021?
Women that work full time aren’t maternal or nurturing or being a housewife isn’t hard work. I’ve heard people speak on this far too often.  

How do you feel about roles women are expected to play in a community?
Women should do what they please and not what others expect from them. These ‘roles’ that we are expected to fulfil for the sake of others is no longer valid. We are often caregivers but not caregivers for ourselves. We need to step into our power.  

Do you consider yourself a modern women? 
Yes! I’m not traditional. I go with my intuition regardless of what that looks like to others. 

What do you love most about your job?
Creating and bringing visions to life. Connecting, and sharing ideas with other women.

What is your least favourite thing about your job?

What is your favourite RushTush product? 
Metabolic Spray, Gluc Support, Detox tea

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