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Post-Partum​ Hair Loss & RushTush Collagen

The postpartum hair loss struggle is literally the last thing you need to deal with. It can create unnecessary panic and stress when you find your hair thinning or falling out in clumps big enough to block the shower. Women often ask me how to doctor their way back to hair health. The first thing to remember is that losing hair after pregnancy is very common. While some report losing a few strands, others say they are losing balls at a time. For most women, it usually happens around 3 months after their baby is born and can continue for up to a year and then returns to normal. That said, everyone is different, and many women feel like their hair growth remains slower than before falling pregnant or that their hair is still thin, dull and lifeless even though their kids are toddlers or older.

Why is your hair falling out?

To get down to the root of the problem, the reason your hair is thinning is because your body is trying to get back to normal. During pregnancy you may have noticed that your hair was on luscious, glossy and bountiful – and you can thank estrogen and progesterone for your show stopping mane. Your hair was stuck in the growth phase during pregnancy. A normal hair cycle has a growth phase, then a transitional phase, followed by a resting phase, where hair will be released and fall out. After labour, hormone levels drop drastically, and hair rapidly sheds because it’s making up for the lost time in the other phases.

What can you do about it?

I experienced hair loss after my pregnancy with Haydar. I wasn’t focussed on taking collagen and didn’t fully understand the importance of supplementing with it during this crucial stage. I also didn’t develop my RushTush Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen yet, and back then I was looking for a suitable brand I could trust. When the opportunity came to develop my own collagen, I jumped at the opportunity to educate women and help them (and myself) through postpartum hair loss. Women often ask me how I’ve grown my hair after two pregnancies and I believe that supplementing with collagen is playing a big role in my hair growth.

How does RushTush Collagen benefit your hair?

Collagen is an amino acid powerhouse. Amino acids are to hair, what spinach is to Popeye and what almond butter is to a banana RushTush protein shake. Hair uses collagen to create keratin protein which promotes hair growth, elasticity and strength. It is also essential to regenerate and grow hair as it is a natural antioxidant. And the best news is that it is super easy to fit into your busy mom schedule. Simply add it to water or your Glow Cleanse smoothies. I’d take a total of 15g per day. Either all at night before bedtime, or 1 teaspoon in my morning coffee before my workout, another teaspoon in my tea etc. You can even add to your meals!

Don’t neglect your diet

Hair health begins beneath the skin and nutrition is the most important aspect.

Make sure you are getting in enough vitamins and minerals to support your hair goals. In my Momma Glow Guide, I have taken the guesswork out of your meal plans and carefully created a diet that ensures you (and your baby, if you are breastfeeding) get exactly what’s needed to be healthy and live your strongest, happiest lives. Excessive dieting and neglecting nutrition will also cause rapid hair loss. Also remember the quality of the food your eat is directly linked to your hair, skin and nails and not only your waistline.

How long do I have to use it to get results?

Everyone is different, but many people see huge differences in six weeks and some notice changes from as little as two weeks. Remember that Rapunzel locks were not grown in a day. Be consistent and use your collagen twice a day for best results. The Momma Glow Guide for Breastfeeding Moms and RushTush Collagen is a hair doctor duo that you can use to revitalise your locks after pregnancy. You can also use it to reap other benefits, which includes better bone health and smoother firmer skin- goodbye post-baby cellulite! You may also want to use it when you’re kid reaches teenage years, and physical stressors become more demanding, as collagen is also said to delay the greying of hair!

You can shop my Mama glow cleanse here:

Click here to download my app and purchase my collagen: The 450g bag retails for R630. The 200g bag retails for R315. Deliveries are nationwide. RushTush Hydrolyzed Collagen is halaal and we will gladly email you our suppliers halaal certficate upon request. It is 100% pure protein derived from bovine. one sevring per day of 15g will give you 17g of protein. It has additives and it sugar free.

I also believe that the stress of returning to work after my first pregnancy was a major factor of my hair loss. As women, if we think we’re dropping the ball- especially as a mom- we tend to feel guilty stepping away for a few hours to go to work. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a career woman and supermom at the same time, while also working hard to regain strength by trying to pick up on the physical momentum we left off before the last stages of our pregnancy. Let me remind you that you’ve created, grown and birthed an entire human! Whether it was via c section or vaginally, both life events taking everything from you. Give yourself a break momma, you’re amazing! I got you!

If you want to start your fitness journey and you don’t know where to start you can get two weeks free upon sign up to my fitness app, RushTushFit iOS I would recommend Beginners Program to allow yourself to ease into it. Be kind.

Lots of love,


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Glowing Skin: Part 1


ALL PRODUCTS and SKIN CLINICS and STOCKISTS are NOT SPONSORED. Everything listed and mentioned are paid for by me, and are my recommendations based on my personal experience.

Glowing skin does come from within. But however, like many things we strive to achieve, it does come with hard work and money. The truth is we aren’t going to solve our problems with drinking 3 liters of water and exercising only. I often get asked about my skin. I’m no beauty blogger or expert, but I do understand the complexities of women; the mind, the diet, the stress, the budget, the hormones and the body. Your skin is your biggest organ. It’s going to give you the signs. It’s up to you what you’re willing to listen to and what your action plan is. Having perfect skin isn’t part of everyone’s vision, but for me it’s an important reflection of my health. Having a pimple or two isn’t the end of the world either. But for me I need to showcase my authentic skin. As is, without filters and tons of makeup. I want to know I can step out of the gym feeling comfortable and confident, being me. Whether I’m wearing my favorite Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer, Huda lippy or not!


What are your concerns? Ask yourself and address the concerns one by one. It’s a process, just like losing 5kg-20kg. It takes time. NOTE that I’ve been working on my skin since I was a teenager. I’ve been on contraception for my acne, followed by all types of antibiotics as well as rounds of Roaccutane. I’ve done it all.
What are your skin goals? We all have different things we want to achieve.




As cliché as it sounds, address your diet. Make sure you are eating a variety of real food. LOAD UP ON GREENS. If you struggle to get your greens in, I love GREEN VIBRANCE from the Wellness Warehouse. Watch your health blossom from within. Eat real protein where you can. Shakes should be your last resort. You never know what is in a product, even if the label lists what is in a product. Regulations are not even in place in SA. If you don’t have a clue what diet to follow here is a link to my GLOW CLEANSE. Its famous for giving ladies and men GLOWING SKIN


Please exercise. Flush out your everyday toxins. Get your sweat on 4-6 times per week. Pump some iron or get moving, do both!


I’m so lazy with my supplements since becoming a mom. I was just really fed up with taking horse pills every single day for 10 months. I have in the past taken ACNEVELLE from Lamelle for my breakouts and it always worked. I still have a tub in my medicine cupboard. You can also supplement with Zinc and Vitamin D and a Probitioc. I love Metagenics probobiotic. Many people drink liquid collagen, I’ve never gotten on that bus. I don’t know how true it is in keeping your skin youthful. As far as my knowledge goes the collagen will go to where the body needs it most, your joints. Its very important to take a joint supplement as well. I trust brands like Metagenics and SOLGAR. If you have a shellfish allergy, make sure you choose a product that is shellfish free.


Starting out and on a budget I would always focus on my cleanser first. A great cleanser for my concerns; which are breakouts. One of the main reasons why I don’t have acne is because I cleanse my face before gym, after gym and at night before bed. Its non-negotiable. You only have one face. My current fave I’ve been using for the past years is the DERMAHEAL Foaming Cleanser by Lamelle. Lamelle you can get online as well as at Aesthetics 11.

I’ve been using an eye cream for years. My lifestyle lends itself to early hour call times, and I never leave the house, even for a run or workout without my eye cream. I’m loving SkinCeuticals AGE COMPLEX eye cream. It has de-puffing properties, it targets wrinkles and it also treats any dark circles you might have.

I’m adoring SkinCeuticals Retexturing Serum. It keeps my skin smooth, tight and even. You can get the SkinCeuticals Range from Wembley Medi Spa or online I’m sure. Be sure to apply your serum on your neck, all the way to your collarbones as well.

I don’t leave the house without my sunblock. Even if your foundation or tinted moisturizer has sunblock in it, I would still add some extra. My favorite is HELIOCARE Gel Sunblock SPF 50. It’s perfect for active men too. You can find this at any skin clinic. Be sure to apply your sunblock all the way to your collarbones as well.

I can’t live without my CLARITY ACTIVE CONTROL spot reduction and anti-inflammatory gel by Lamelle. Even when I don’t have a pimple I still pack it in my toiletry bag, even if its for a night.

If I could choose two products it would be a CLEANSER & a SUNBLOCK. You don’t have to use a serum. An excellent day cream could also work. Make sure you seek professional assistance going forward with your skin. I would recommend MEDICAL PRODUCTS only, and not over the counter cosmetic solutions for your face. It will save you so much money, time and grief.

In PART TWO of GLOWING SKIN I’ll cover treatments and places to go to have your skin taken care of.

ALL PRODUCTS and SKIN CLINICS and STOCKISTS are NOT SPONSORED. Everything listed and mentioned are paid for by me, and are my recommendations based on my personal experience.

Yours in glowing skin health Rush

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I got this, you got this! (Our Mamas always had this).

I think with social media and its on the second updates, everything is news. From the meals we cook, to the places we dine at, special dates like anniversaries, private moments like proposals, even peoples intimate 9 week fetal scans bombard our screens. It’s an era of over sharing, seeking approval by posting our achievements, and feeding our ego with likes. Yes of course it’s a fantastic tool to let your friends and family know what’s up. For me social media built my business and my brand that is Rushtush. I’m not here to post about how amazing I am, nor am I searching to belong or even to be adored. I’m here to educate and empower through my life experience. I hope to encourage you to think about the choices you make, question the decisions you make and why you make those decisions and to also provide solutions for problems you find yourself faced with.

Yes, I am expecting, and even though bearing life is a miracle, I’m not the first woman to ever be with child and I won’t be the last. I mean: HOW DID WE ALL GET HERE? My son won’t be the first boy to have ever been born either. Us women have tall jobs, we do all this, like our moms did, and back then there was no social media. Did our moms ever complain about morning sickness? Was there a platform for them to boast about their baby bumps? No. They were silent super women. Silent super heroes, handling their shit. I am however going to be, not so silent. Especially on matters like women’s health and wellbeing during this delicate and miraculous time.

I didn’t want to post a “coming out” announcement. I wanted to live my life and for the first 12 weeks, I wanted to survive my life. Lol. I didn’t need people’s advice and opinions. I also didn’t need people treating me like I was disabled. It seems all my symptoms were a dead giveaway and many were pretending I wasn’t pregnant more than I was pretending I wasn’t pregnant.

Being 4 months pregnant has confirmed many things but one applicable to this post is; that people will always have something to say, whether it is coming from a sincere source or from a malicious place, you still have to KNOW WHATS BEST FOR YOU! Healthy Mom = Healthy Baby (rushtush:2017). The rest is in Gods hands. From the moment you pee on a stick to discover you have possible life growing inside of you, is the exact moment your maternal instinct kicks in. Would you ever do something radical to jeopardize the gift of possible life?

Yours in fitness and health,
Rushda xx