Tush Sculpt Challenge


Heat 12 begins 6 December. Contestants to send BEFORE PHOTOGRAPHS by the Sunday evening prior to starting.

This challenge was designed for my strong babes. It’s for the girl who has already been training consistently. You might not even consider yourself fit, but trust me you will, after completing the demanding Tush Sculpt. Your glutes and legs are your biggest muscle groups, training them in every session will ensure your fitness level and strength will shoot through the roof. Be prepared to not only gain the perfect peach but to also acquire fitness levels of a Goddess. Tush Sculpt will focus on building and sculpting your glutes and entire lower body. It will strengthen your lower back end entire trunk. You cannot target your lower body and expect to go in with a weak core and lower back so it’s important to ensure you’re at the correct fitness level. Having a strong lower body enables you as a female to carry your weight with ease, it prepares you for pregnancy (if that’s what you wish), it also alleviates back pain if you have large breasts.

Your fitness needs to be moderate to advanced with a health score of 8/10. You preferably need at least 3 months of consistent weight and cardio training before embarking on the Tush Sculpt.

1. Get a strong, refined, and sexy bottom within proportion to your body.
2. Streamline your legs, thighs, and hamstrings by adding muscle & melting fat
3. Increase fitness and explosive power.
4. Lose weight


1. Select your package below, proceed to check-out and make your payment.
2. If you chose the diet option, download your chosen e-book found in your confirmation email.
3. Purchase the Sunday Times on 5 December and take a full length photo wearing tight clothing (may be a bikini/underwear or a vest and tights), holding your weekend paper
3. WhatsApp starting photographs and weight on 5 December to 0764616394 
4. WhatsApp your full name and surname to 0764616394 before 5pm in order to be added to the support group.

No entrance fees are refundable or transferable. Rushda will not post any photographs on any social media without the challenger’s consent.


NO DIET | R700

Perfect for my glow babes who are already following their own eating plan.


Includes one diet plan of your choice (The Glow Cleanse, Winter Glow or Naked Glow).


You will be expected to perform x2 lower body sessions per week. Theses will be a combination of weights and body weight, a style Rushda has developed over 10 years of training many women. Sessions are 45-60 minutes.


To achieve optimum results you have to do your prescribed cardio. You will be expected to perform cardio 3 times per week. Cardio sessions are 45-60 minutes. You will be given a cardio program on purchase.