Summer Glow-up


Heat 1 begins 2 November and heat 2 on 1 December 2020. 

Living your best life starts with being the healthiest version of yourself. That said, this isn’t necessarily a weight loss challenge, it is a body transformation challenge. And with the transformation of your body, I am hoping to transform your mind and change your relationship with food and training. We are going back to basics so I can teach you how to eat and how to exercise. Hopefully, you can then build on these foundations as you carry on in your fitness and wellness journey. I would love to be a part of your journey and success story, which is why I have put together various eating plans and training programmes to assist you in every phase of your life.

Receive coaching with Rushda and the Challenge Support Group. Also, stand a chance of winning a Premium RushTush Hamper for the best transformation.

1. Find and finalise your training routine going forward
2. Define what healthy eating is for you, in the long term
3. Understand refeed days and off days
4. Drop centimeters and sculpt your physique
5. Change physique composition with weight training
6. ALL options include cardio programs and a weekly schedule


1. Select your package below, proceed to check-out and make your payment
2. Download the official challenge notes found in your confirmation email and follow the steps on how to send your starting picture to the RushTush Team
3. WhatsApp your full name and surname to 0764616394 on 1 November/30 November before 5pm in order to be added to the support group

No entrance fees are refundable or transferable. Rushda will not post any photographs on any social media without the challengers consent



Perfect for women who have trainers and one of my diets or are following their own eating plan.

DIET | R600

Perfect for women who have trainers and just need to add an eating plan. Includes The Glow Cleanse.


Perfect for women who have one of my eating plans. Includes the Newbie Body Training Guide.


Everything you need: includes a 4 week Newbie Body training guide AND The Glow Cleanse.


To achieve optimum results you have to do your prescribed cardio. You will be expected to perform cardio 3 times per week. Cardio sessions are 45-60 minutes. You will be given a cardio program in the Official Challenge Notes.


All photographs are necessary to participate in the challenge. We will require a full-frontal, side and back photographs and you will need to send weekly progress picture collages and weigh-ins to the RushTush team via email to track results.