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Green Juice, Not Just a Trend

GreenGreen juice has become a part of everyday life. It’s on almost every restaurant or coffee shop menu. It’s in the hands of your colleagues and many celebrities. But, green juice shouldn’t just be a phase you follow until the next trend. The Hulk Juice has been the superstar of my eating plans for many years because the benefits stand the test of time and aren’t just seen or felt as a trend.

You may know that green juice is good for you, but do you know why you should drink it and what it actually does in your body?

The Hulk Juice is filled with vitamins and nutrients that is absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to various parts of the body immediately. Your body doesn’t need to break down the juice, so you’re giving your digestive system a mini-break.

Immune Boost, After One Glass
It’s filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients which help to resist damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are not good, they weaken and burden our immune systems. The Hulk Juice also boosts gut health, which ends up improving your immune system as well because part of it is located in the gut. It works in the gut by assisting microorganisms to absorb nutrients in order to be strong enough to protect us against disease. It also alleviates constipation and regulates bowel movements. The regular bowel movements is also due to green juice’s detoxification properties.

Detox Made Easy
The body is designed to detox itself, but drinking green juice actually helps the natural detoxification process. It also supports the various stages of detoxing by ensuring that the body has the required nutrients to clear out toxins. It also improves the health and function of the liver; which is responsible for detoxification. The result of the detoxification is a less bloated stomach, reduction in cellulite and a clearer complexion.

The full body spring clean also touches the reproductive organs which improves your fertility. Hulk Juice is also great during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Glow Inside-Out with this Beauty Elixir
The effect of what’s happening on the inside is seen on the outside. Hulk Juice slows down the aging process making you appear more youthful. Your complexion will clear, your skin will glow and your eyes will become brighter. The ingredients also improves the health of your nails and hair. The vast beauty benefits of green juice is also due to hydration and its rich concentration of Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin E.

Boost Your Energy the Green Way
Not only will you SEE the effects of the body detoxing, but you will also FEEL them. You will feel healthier, lighter and more energetic. Hulk Juice is a great start the day and is the perfect snack when you have energy slump as it gives you an instant boost. In addition to these benefits, the Hulk Juice recipe found in the Glow Cleanse e-books also boosts your electrolyte levels, helps alleviate stomach cramps and nausea and acts as a natural antibiotic.

It’s a Family Affair
Kids will benefit from the addition of veggies during growth and development. Teens will benefit from the natural energy it provides. The elderly will also benefit from it as assists to alleviate some of the ailments that they may be faced with.

Hulk Juice also helps prevent or lower chronic illnesses, helps fight cholesterol and is anti-inflammatory which may prevent blood clots. It can also help them digest much-needed nutrients, especially for the elderly who are beginning to lose their appetite, which can happen as we age. Research also indicates that drinking green juice every day helps keep the heart healthy and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.Hulk Juice also helps with cell regeneration has cancer-fighting properties, helps to shed weight and reduces inflammation in the body. It also aids in the production of red blood cells, assists the blood to transport oxygen better and can even help treat anaemia.

The Hulk Juice increases, your family’s intake of veggies and greens, especially if you’re not eating enough of these nutrients. With that said, having a Hulk Juice is not about drinking your greens instead of eating it. Ensure that you are eating enough veggies and greens.

Now that you are more informed about what’s in your green glass, hopefully when you drink it you can visualise these benefits entering your life. If you want to take these Hulk benefits forward and capitalise on alkalising your nutrition, I’d suggest following the entire Glow Cleanse, which is inflammatory-free (i.e. gluten and dairy free), which is perfect for the entire family.

Share your green journey with me. I love to hear it. Pop us an email at



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Nutrition during Ramadan

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims across the world. Health is one of the biggest blessings anyone can have. Make the most out of this special time by making correct food choices that fuel and nourish your body. These tips will go a long way in helping you ensure that your body has the required nutrients it needs for your daily tasks.


When creating your weekly and monthly shopping lists, try to concentrate on whole foods with less ingredients and good quality, nutritious food sources. Try to avoid simple sugars, white breads, high carb veggies like white potatoes, cereals with high sugar content.


Creating a weekly meal plan is a great idea to ensure that you remain on track. You could want to turn to hearty and delicious dishes after fasting all day, so try some options that you could make for the whole family from Glow Cleanses include the scrambled egg dishes, the egg cups, Muscle pancakes, chicken burgers, salads from the Glow Cleanses and sweet potato fries, roti and curry. You could also mini versions of the pizza recipes if you have the Momma Glow. Or make an egg dish or a smoothie from my Ramadan Glow. The recipe can feed the whole family if you tweak the quantities of the ingredients listed.

You can also eat foods that are more nutrient dense during eating times as you are not consuming anything throughout the day. Try this free recipe from the Ramadan Glow diet and make a big batch of oats for the whole family in the morning: this is my go to in the morning and it’s all that I eat for Sehri as it’s the only thing that sees me through. Once you’ve had this well-balanced, filling and nutritious brekkie, you will definitely appreciate the Ramadan Diet.

For help with your meal plans, try the Ramadan Diet. It also contains a built-in shopping list for extra convenience.


Getting an adequate supply of protein is essential to maintain muscle and keep you satiated for the day ahead. Some great options include lean mince, lean cold meats chicken breasts, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, plain yogurt, chickpeas, lentils, beans.

How do you know if you should start taking protein powder? I’ve broken down your FAQ here.


During this time, you want to avoid the simple carbs! Try to add carbs that will help fuel your body and give you energy. Low GI options also create a slow release of carbohydrates in the body making them a great option for the day ahead. They also maintain your blood sugar levels so they don’t spike- which tends to happen with simple carbs. Try to eat more whole wheat food options, sweet potatoes, and oats.


Foods that don’t benefit the body should be avoided if you are focussing on your health during this time. Why not try to make healthier versions of your favourite meals? There is no point in consuming empty calories as it won’t help fuel you for the day’s task. So try to avoid simple carbs, empty calories, high sugar foods and foods that are too high in fat. Instead, opt for fats like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado.


Water is essential for the body so sip slowly on 1 litre before sunrise and 1 litre after sunset. Follow the recommendations in the Ramadan Glow to ensure that your body is kept hydrated.


Use the Metabolic Oral Spray at breakfast time and have your meal as per normal.

Take your Gluc Support after your breakfast meal and your second pill with your meal, when you break your fast. See full pharma range here.


Dig into bowls of nutritious, warm and hearty soup especially on cold nights. The soups will help you pack in more veggies into your diet during this month. My favourite soups are the Hulk Soup – filled with gorgeous greens- and the sweet potato soup in the Winter Glow. You can have your soup with brown bread with an egg for some extra protein.

I hope these tips help you feel good and energised during the time you are fasting. The Ramadan Diet eating plan builds on the information given here for those needing more help. There are tips for building your own meals to ensure that your body has enough calories and nutrients. There’s also advice for those experiencing symptoms of constipation. As well as how to get enough water, and beneficial information on how to not overeat at eating times.


The plan contains healthy cost-effective meals including smoothie recipes, protein pancake recipes and egg meal options. No food group is excluded and the eBook is all about showing you the right foods to consume during Ramadan. The eBook even lists what to throw out the fridge and pantry and what to eat instead. I hope you enjoy creating the delicious meals featured in the eating plan as well as the freedom that comes with preparing your own RushTush approved dinners using the guidelines inside the eBook. This is what makes the eating plan so easy to follow and is sustainable for the entire month as well as for years to come. You can also use this eating plan for the entire family for healthy weight loss during this amazing month. And if you are looking to maintain your lean muscles that have come with training (using the RushTush app I hope) then this plan is also for you.

Ramadan Glow is created with love by RushTush and MyDieticianZA. It costs R450 and can be used along with the RushTush pharma range, so don’t forget to stock up on your protein powder!

If you are training during Ramadan, be sure to check this link for my tips:

May you be richly rewarded for your sacrifices.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Love RushTush


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Food is medicine, boost yourself

Aesthetics aren’t everything! Sometimes women start diets and exercise programmes in the bid to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount… and that’s okay…but the truth is that beginning a solid foundation of training and focussing on nutrition goes far beyond your reflection in the mirror, how you look in your mom jeans or even your latest progress picture. The weight on the scale means nothing, if you do not have your health. 

Celebrating your strength and being more confident in a bikini is only one aspect of nutrition, the other aspect of nutrition, that is often overlooked, is eating to boost your health and immunity.  In life, we are faced with many diseases and possible illnesses – like TB, HIV and AIDS, cancers, heart disease, diabetes, bronchitis, Coronavirus, sinus and other infections- not to mention the humble cold and flu. We must ensure that our bodies are adequately equipped to fight off and recover from these illnesses and germs as they will always live with us in the world. It is therefore important that as I remind you that FOOD is medicine. What we eat can and will boost our bodies’ ability to fight off various illnesses.

The best thing to know is that the immune system that you have when you are a baby, is not the one you will have for life. Most of the immune system is built in the childhood years, but you can create and develop your immune system throughout your life, by giving it the right inputs (ie. nutrition for example). The studies are clear- your immune system at the time of getting a virus or infection can actually have an impact on whether you become sick or whether you can fight it off. If 20 people are in a room with a sick person, have you noticed that only some get infected and of those infected, some of them recover faster or some develop more serious symptoms than others? That is largely because of their immune system. 

So if you want to build your body’s natural defence forces, fill your diet with enough vitamins. These are essential for the immune system. Most people opt for a supplement to help their bodies obtain enough micronutrients. But, if you can not afford to supplement, then you need to get these nutrients from the food you eat. 

I believe in the FOOD FIRST, SUPPLEMENTS LATER approach, so make sure to focus on what you eat before popping a pill. The list below will help you create a diet that will improve your immune system. 


Think of these as bricks that you will put together to build immunity- a wall of defence. 

First up is Vitamin C 

A diet rich in Vitamin C is essential to fight off infections- like colds and flu. When you feel the sniffles coming on, that is the best time to up the intake of vitamin C. You can do this by taking a Vitamin C supplement at the start of an illness. This can decrease the length of time that you are sick. 

EAT IT: Vitamin C can be found in broccoli, tomatoes, red peppers, and oranges. 

Other important vitamins for immunity include Vitamin D, B, E and K which is present in veggies, green leafy veggies, bananas, poultry, spinach, and broccoli. 

Zinc supplements are normally recommended for the immune system, but due to budget constraints, it may not be possible, so eat it by consuming canned tuna in water, Shellfish, Chickpeas, legumes, lentils, beans, dairy, whole grains, seeds, cashews and peanuts. 

Fill up on fibre 

Fibre is good for your gut which is in-turn essential for your immune system. Fibre can be found in carbs, but remember the quality and the quantities are important. Fibre is not just found in a cereal box advertised as “High in Fibre”. The best places to get your fibre is from  are plant-based food, whole grains, sweet potato, veggies, bananas, lentils, and nuts.  

Omega 3 

Omega 3 is another essential for the immune system. If you do not eat oily fish (like salmon, not meaning fish fried in oil) regularly, then consider an Omega 3 supplement. Olive oil is also good for the immune system as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body. It also guards the body from infection.

Eat enough protein

Protein normally makes it to the top of muscle- building lists, but did you know that it is also essential for immunity? Eating too little protein has a negative impact on your immune system as protein breaks down into amino acids and ANTIBODIES (used to protect us from and fight infections) are made from amino acids.  

Protein is found in eggs, milk, full fat yoghurt, chicken and other meat as well as rice, beans, quinoa, and lentils. Animal proteins are more complete, whereas vegan options only contain some amino acids, I therefore suggest combining different sources of vegan protein on your plate, so that it becomes complete.

Get spicy! 

Yes, spice your chicken and eat your curries and soups. Using spices and herbs such as rosemary and fennel can boost your immune system. You can also add turmeric to your soups and curries. 

Turn up the turmeric

Turmeric contains a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin. Curcumin activates the production of T-cells. T-cells are the main cells that fight for your health in your immune system.


Ginger has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can affect the immune system ,  so ginger plays a key role in boosting your immunity.


Garlic is a natural antibiotic, so add it to your diet for flavouring your dishes. 

Sip on immune-boosting drinks 

Try to incorporate these drinks to your lifestyle. 

Some elixirs and juices include: 

  • Hot water mixed with ginger, lemon and cinnamon and honey. Honey acts as an antibacterial, killing any germs in the body that can cause you to get sick.This drink is awesome when you have a cold, flu or any viral, throat, or nasal infection. 
  • Golden milk:Which is made of turmeric and warm milk. 
  • Hulk Juice:This RushTush Glow Girl fave is loaded with immune-boosting ingredients. 
  • Soup:Chicken soup has an anti-inflammatory effect and calms down inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. 
  • Green powders:These are filled with superfoods and green leafy veggies. If you have access to it, it is a great addition to your diet. 

Eat antioxidant rich food 

Think blueberries, bananas and dark chocolate. Apples are a low-cost option and have phytochemical antioxidants which contain antioxidants that help boost immunity and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Fill up on cruciferous veggies

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have been proven to help boost immunity. These veggies turn on antioxidant genes in immune cells, which combat free radicals and prevent sickness.

Probiotics is your gut protector 

Probiotics are essential for gut health and immunity. Probiotics can be found in yoghurt and even in Amasi, the widely used cultured sour milk. Studies show that people who ate probiotics daily had a lower risk of catching a cold than those who did not consume probiotics. 

Eat phytonutrients (Plant vitamins) 

Basically plants can’t just up and “leave” when bugs and bad stuff come along, so they develop their own mechanisms to combat it. So, when we eat plants, those mechanisms then assist us. Plant rich diets are essential for your immunity due to these phytonutrients and are found in pigments of the different plants. Eat the rainbow by consuming different coloured veggies according to your budget. Bananas also contain phytonutrients. 


There are a few things you can do to boost your body’s illness fighters- and these won’t cost you a cent. 

Boost your metabolism

Metabolism and immunity works side-by- side. The metabolism is about the body’s usage of energy. You need energy to fight off illness. This is why we feel tired when we are unwell. Energy is needed to build yourself up again after illness, so boost your metabolic rate by working out. Even a brisk 30 minute walk does the body good!  I have loads of free workouts on my instagram and YouTube. Check it out! 

Limit stress and watch your self-talk

Your emotional and mental state impacts your illness- including the common cold- positively or negatively. Try your best to remain positive and manage your stress levels. 

Get enough shut-eye

Sleep is so important for your immune system. They say it’s important to get your beauty sleep, but get in those eight hours because during sleep your body’s natural illness fighters are out in full swing. If you are already eating a balanced and healthy diet, you will be surprised at the major effect adding just 30 minutes of extra sleep can have on your body. 

Eat less

Technically this one isn’t free, but does end up costing less. 

Eating too much and too often causes inflammation in the body, negatively affecting your gut health and thus negatively affecting your immune system. 

I hope that I have empowered you to see that food can be medicine! 

I would be remiss if I helped you create your hot bod through my e-books your indestructible body through my fitness app sent you on your way without asking you to take care of your health. Health comes first.

It is important to build a healthy constitution within your body, family and household. 

Eating unprocessed food from the ground that the earth that you can afford at the time of purchase is going to help the immune system. Lemon, ginger or a banana are not going to cure any disease, that is not the claim that we as health professionals are making, but if you do eat a balanced diet, fill your body with antioxidants, superfoods and keep your body in an alkaline state while WITHIN YOUR BUDGET you are going to stand a better chance of recovery. 

I completely understand that we have to eat within our budgets and consume what is economical to feed our families. Sometimes it is easier and more affordable to shop processed and to eat fried fast food. These days it is all about what is quick, convenient and cheap. 

Choosing healthy food is a privilege that many do not have. With that said, it is still imperative to incorporate (where we can and within our budgets) those foods that are going to offer us nutrients. So, if you can not afford supplementation then you are going to need to focus on getting those micronutrients from food sources while also focusing on HOW you prepare your foods is also important, so cut back on frying potatoes in oil. 

However, if you have the money, don’t think about how you “are spending money on something that is eaten in a few seconds”. REMEMBER your health is an investment and healthy food benefits your body for longer than you realise.

I am not asking you to do a 180 degree makeover of no sugar, no carbs and green veggies only all day-  all I am asking is that you think about consuming more nutritional food where you can and according to what your pocket allows. Doing this will improve your immune system and reinforce your health constitution- so that whatever you may be faced with is tackled better and faster by the body. 

These tips may not bulletproof you from ALL disease and illness. But, it will assist you to attain your best health to ward off, fight and recover from illness. Eat within your means, but try to eat food that is going to help you be as healthy and as strong as you can be in order to TACKLE, FACE AND RECOVER, OR EVEN MANAGE A CHRONIC LIFE-LONG ILLNESS. 

Remember to follow these tips not only when illness is rife, but always. As your immune system is in full swing at all times- even when you are not aware of it. Do what you can, with what you can. Please make use of my free workouts, education and recipe resources, they are there to assist you! 

Here’s to good health and immunity!
Love RushTush 


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Be A Fit Fam

As a busy mom it is often difficult to catch a moment to get a workout in, even when I have help. This leaves us with the constant need to develop a workout that we can do at home while the kids are sleeping, at school or occupied. That is great, where possible, but why not incorporate the little ones into your fitness regime so that you can show them the importance of physical exercise, tire them out and bond?

If you check out my Instagram page you will see that I have brought my kids with me to the gym and my eldest son loves to do exercises on my balcony at home while his mommy and daddy trains. Fitness is a huge part of my life (and my job), so it’s natural that my kids are a part of it. Hopefully, I can instil the love of movement into them as it is beneficial to their health. 

These are my top three exercises and activities I love to do with my boys. Try it if you are looking to make fitness a family activity. 

Catch Me If You Can, Mum! 

For this ‘game’, I head down to an open field and run after my boys while I carry the other one. This is great cardio due to the running, but also is strength training at the same time because of the weight of my other son. It’s like wearing a weighted vest, only this one is for free. 

If your children are already teenagers then going for a run around your area or on the promenade together could be great to get the endorphins flowing! Perhaps play tag. Or do partner carries.

Lift me baby

The next thing I love to do is weight training with my boys. All you need to do is keep your child as a weight as you do the movements. If you have more than one toddler is it also great as they vary in weight. Lifting can also translate into walking, hiking and running pushing your kids in a jogger pram was one of my favorite new mom things to do. Hiking you could just strap your baby in a carrier and go!

These can include: Squats and lunges 

Squat and press 
Planks and push ups with your child on your back
Also take a look at my Bodyweight Series here.

These guides are priced at an affordable R110 and are designed for those looking to train using body weight, but you can also complete some of the exercises with your child as a weight. It will give you a great selection of exercises to do for any body part you want to train. They are also great guides for moms with teenage children who want to include their teens in outdoor training sessions! I created these for vacation, travelling and to get your workout in out on the grass or barefoot in the sand.

Family refresh

Kids can get restless when they are all cooped up at home. I have always loved hikes, stairs and beach training and have always recommended it when I trained Glow Girls at my Women’s Gym. 

I still love to do my training on the slopes of a mountain, because you come back refreshed and the terrain helps to build the glutes. Make it a family thing by taking the kids with you on jogs, hikes or walks on the promenade.  

Once the training is done, fill up their tummies 

When we’re back home, I love to prepare some healthy snacks, smoothies or juices. If your kids are old enough, they can even assist you in the kitchen. Alternatively, you could try a combination of all the above exercises (start with a warm up of running after the kids, then a few sets of strength moves, followed by a leisurely walk), then pack some snacks for a picnic. 

There are great healthy snacks in my e-books that you can try. You can prepare any of them. My favourites for healthy snack options for the whole family includes; Hulk Juice, Muscle Pancakes, Glow balls, pizza, The Hero Juice, brownies, hummus and veggie sticks, popcorn, healthy sarmies and boiled eggs. 

These recipes mentioned above are available in my Winter Glow Cleanse, Glow Cleanse, Mamma Glow and the teen nutrional guides. The e-books range from R450 upwards and are available for purchase here. I also have a wonderful FREE RECIPE selection under FIT FOOD here.

I hope you try these recipes and outdoor activities with your kids. Healthy living and exercise should be part of your daily life as a family. Try to find exciting ways of sneaking in workouts with your kids. A soccer, basketball or cricket game, wrestling match, Saturday morning hike, taking the kids to a community Zumba class or walking the whole mall flat with your daughter to find that perfect dress, can all be great ways to stay fit. If you nurture the ideologies of healthy living and the benefits of exercise and good nutrition, they will grow up to be mindful of this in the future. 

Love always, 

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Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen

There’s no doubt that the RushTush collagen is fast becoming a best seller as more Glow Girls are waking up to the amazing benefits of this powerful powder. It is a secret Hollywood celebrities and beauty insiders have used and tried to keep hush-hush for years. I am so proud to be able to make it accessible to all women without any worry about any unclean or nasty harmful additions like sugars and bulking agents!  

I have two different types of carefully created and tested collagens in the RushTush pharmaceutical range. They are Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen (bovine) and Marine Collagen. I use both of them and although they both work amazingly well, you might be wondering which one to choose, so I’m here to explain the differences and help you to reach a decision. 

Whether you go “land” or “sea”, rest assured you won’t regret adding this to your daily regimen. The question is which kinda Collagen Glow Girl are you? 

Bovine – the collagen for the Active Glow Girl

This powerful powder is perfect for gym babes who want a natural boost. Bovine collagen is naturally sourced from cows and is the most common source of collagen in most supplements on the market today. It is a type 1 and type 3 collagen and thus has both beauty and internal health benefits. 

Bovine assists with muscle recovery and allows you to build bigger and stronger muscles as it stimulates growth hormones. Some studies even indicate that when two groups (one is given collagen and the other not) worked out together on the same exercise plan, those using collagen picked up more muscle. Ladies, please remember that you are not genetically predisposed to gaining massive muscle. So, don’t let the idea of muscle scare you off. You might have seen female bodybuilders rocking muscles, but remember that they usually train using very heavy weights and use anabolics and steroids to attain the aesthetic they desire. To increase muscle to that extent cannot happen naturally and with bovine collagen, you are using a powerful powder developed by nature and through correct training, you will achieve the sexy muscle you are looking for, which is what many women actually call “ muscle tone”. Studies also suggest that arginine taken during training increases strength and body mass, and lowers collagen breakdown. 

Adding this supplement to your program also burns more body fat and allows you to feel full, thus reducing your appetite. So, if you are on any of the RushTush Glow Guides or use my RushTushFit app or exercise guides, then adding a collagen supplement will help with your weight loss and muscle building efforts. In addition to this, bovine is a type 1 collagen as well, and thus also has a host of beauty benefits which includes; faster-growing nails and hair, glowing more even skin, fewer wrinkles, and less cellulite. 
It also is essential as it repairs bones, tendons, and ligaments, regenerates healthy connective tissue. This makes it great for elderly women, active runners, and anyone who has suffered an injury on the gym floor or otherwise. Collagen provides the body with all the amino acids it requires, so be sure to supplement with it daily for best results. 

Marine – the collagen for the Beauty-Focused Glow Getter

Okay. Think of mermaid-long shiny hair and soft youthful glowing skin. If that is something you desire, then the solution lies under the sea, in the form of marine collagen. 
The magic powder has endless beauty-enhancing benefits, some of which includes: It helps to grow hair, nails and softens the skin

Reduces wrinkles
Reduces cellulite 
Reduces signs of aging
Builds bone strength
Improves skin, hair and nails

This is the perfect option for you to add to any beauty purchases on the RushTush app and will maximize the effects of any beauty products. All beauties should add collagen to their skincare routine for its anti-aging benefits and achieve glowing skin. 

Marine collagen is made from fish and is a type 1 collagen and that is why it mostly has beauty-related benefits. So, it is a great option for the Glow Girls who do not lead an active lifestyle. That said if you ever want to embark on a training program, but don’t know where to start then I have an app as well as exercise guides for newbies that will be just perfect for you. Workouts are mostly around 30 minutes, so you will be done in a flash! 

I would love to break a sweat with you. Find me at and

Marine Collagen – for the Glow Girl seeking health and vitality 

Being a type 1 collagen mostly, marine collagen also has a host of health benefits. 
These include:

It stabilises blood sugar
Boosts metabolism
Improves wound healing and reduces scars
Reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain
Increase brain health
Gives the thyroid a boost

It also has antibacterial effects in the body and is a superior protein source for weight management as it can help to suppress appetite by keeping you feeling full longer and thus can help promote weight loss

Marine – the collagen for the Pescatarian or Veggie Glow Girl 

The last consideration when it comes to choosing collagen types is your dietary preferences. If you are following the Veggie Glow then this collagen is a perfect addition to your eating plan if you are a FISH-EATING vegetarian or pescatarian. It is also safe for breastfeeding moms and pregnant women. To shop the Veggie Glow and my other Glow Guides, or to find out more about them visit: or

Marine – the perfect collagen choice for an Earth-Conscious Glow Girl 

Marine collagen is sourced from fish scales and fish skin, which means that no part of the fish goes to waste. Consuming marine collagen reduces your carbon footprint and is sourced in a biodegradable manner. 

Get your hands on these awesome powders and feel the benefits today. 
You can find it on the RushTushLife app:

The Marine Collagen retails at R450 for a 200g bag, while the bovine collagen, named Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen, goes for R330 for a 200g bag and R645 for a 450g bag. It is hydrolyzed for quick absorption to assist with those booty gains faster! The body does make collagen naturally and you can find it in certain foods, but hydrolyzed collagen is said to have a 90% absorption rate whereas collagen gained from food only has an absorption rate of 27%. 

How to use both power powders:

Take two heaped teaspoons in the morning and evening. It can be added to water, glow shakes, Hulk Juice, or any other juices from the Glow Guides. It can also be a frothy creamy addition to your morning coffee, I like to add 1 teaspoon to my coffee. Yummy! 

Remember to use your collagen every day over a period of three months to achieve the best results. That said, women who use my collagen report great results in less than 10 days! In fact, they’ve even suggested that I add a pair of nail clippers into each package…for their now, faster-growing fingernails of course! 

I hope you decide to start your RushTush collagen journey today! Remember, the body loses collagen as you age, and since it is found in nearly every part of the body, supplementing becomes essential for us all! Both marine and bovine collagens will help you feel better and maintain your natural beauty. Which one you choose just depends on your preference, health concerns, dietary restrictions, and what you want to use if for. So ladies, which type of Collagen Glow Girl are you?
Let me know on Instagram @rushtush and @rushtushlife. I’d love to see your fabulous results! 
For more information on the benefits of collagen, how collagen assists with hair growth, minimize postpartum hair loss, and how it combats cellulite, please continue to browse my website. It is full of content to equip you with the knowledge I wish someone had told me YEARS ago! Enjoy! 

Love always, 

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Introducing RushTush L-glutamine: The power powder supplement to recharge your muscles!

Say hello to the new RushTush pharma product ladies and gents! This product has been in development for quite some time now and I am so excited to finally be able to launch it. It’s called RushTush L-Glutamine. If you’re a regular gym babe, you may know all about this essential amino acid (which are the building blocks of protein) but, if not, you might require more information on glutamine. 

Here is why you should add it to your supplement cabinet, before your next workout sesh already! 

Gives you renewed energy 
L-glutamine is used for energy production, so be prepared for better workout sessions. 

Improves gut health
L-glutamine can also boost immune cell activity in the gut, helping to prevent infection and inflammation, as well as by soothing the intestinal tissue. The powder has become known as an important nutrient for leaky gut syndrome because of its ability to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall. L-Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy digestive tract because your intestinal lining actually uses it as fuel to create a strong surface for digestion and absorption. 

Thus, supplementing with L-glutamine is the most effective treatment to heal the gut lining for those suffering from leaky gut, as well as malabsorption and inflammatory bowel disease. The amino acid also heals all tissue in the body, especially those irritated tissues in the digestive tract. Research and studies indicate that L-glutamine boosts the immune system and improves gut health by soothing intestinal tissue and intestinal spasms.

May help curb cravings
It can also assist the body to burn fat and help you by reducing cravings while following any of the RushTush eating plans, except those designed for use during pregnancy and for nursing moms. Say goodbye to your evening fridge raid, as L-glutamine reduces your appetite and cravings by regulating blood sugar levels. Add an extra dose when your cravings hit to stop them in their tracks!  

Improves strength and endurance
It also may increase your endurance, strength, and speed during physical training. Many runners and endurance athletes have used L-glutamine to become faster, fitter, and stronger. 

Helps with weight loss and flattens tummies 
Glutamine can help keep weight off by reducing your food cravings while keeping your body supplied with energy. Some studies also show that the use of L-glutamine may lead to a decrease in the circumference of the abdomen.

Helps you lose weight while maintaining muscle
When you have excess weight, your body actually needs more glutamine. If you don’t have enough supplies, the body may break down muscle tissue to obtain the amino acid resulting in the loss of muscle mass. If you supplement with L-glutamine during weight loss your body is better able to rid itself of the kilograms whilst maintaining muscle. 

Bye-bye muscle cramps! 
Glutamine may decrease muscle soreness and improve recovery after intense exercise. Although your body stores high levels of this amino acid, under stressful conditions like intense workouts or physical injury, this amino acid is used up very quickly. So, supplementing with glutamine before and after exercise can go a long way to preventing muscle cramps. 

No more DOMS! 
Are you suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness? A dose of L-Glutamine prior to your workout and daily for 72 hours after maybe your powdery ticket to pain relief! 

Build sexy and shapely muscles 
L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that can assist with muscle recovery and cellular regeneration while preventing muscle breakdown and studies indicate that it increases lean body tissue. Glutamine helps muscles hold water, which is also necessary for growth and repair. But, the benefits of amino’s are not only for some lean sexy muscle gains, and don’t be afraid of muscle! Think tighter firmer tushies ladies. The only Hulk here is in the form of my famous green juice.

Convinced yet? If you are not pregnant, nursing and have no liver problems, simply download the RushTushLife app here and grab yourself a pot of the 500g RushTush L-Glutamine. It retails at R375 and is a pure premium amino acid. It is halaal, gluten-free, soy-free, and suitable for vegans. For best results, mix a teaspoon of the powder in water and drink one hour prior to training. Repeat for another dose after training.

I have been using L-glutamine since I started lifting weights and kettlebells, and it has really helped me to maintain my workout schedule because muscle cramps have not kept me out of the gym. I have goals! I hope it helps keep you on track too and I hope to hear your results on @rushtushlife and @rushtush on Instagram and RushTush and Be A Badass with a Great Ass on Facebook soon. I am thrilled to welcome this supplement to the RushTush pharma family. The product is designed to help Glow Girls all over the world reap the full benefits of their nutritional and physical training efforts by combining it with this powerful powder! Enjoy! 

Love always, 


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Why are we so scared of cellulite?

It is important that all women know that cellulite is perfectly normal to have. I don’t know where or when it was sold to us that it was “bad” to have cellulite, but somehow along the way the beauty and health industry has profited off the backs of normal women anatomy by selling us unrealistic ideas of women’s bodies. I know it will take a lifetime of unlearning what is considered “beautiful” and “acceptable” in society, but the thinking will never shift if leaders in media and marketing continue to deliver the same outdated messages. One thing to consider, apart from how we as women feel about cellulite, is the males reaction to it. Not that I ever cared about what a man thinks, but many men react a certain way to things according to the way they think women want them too. Lol. Can we blame them? They’re just listening to us complain and they don’t know any better. I’ve written this piece so that women can understand a bit more on what cellulite is, how to live with it and also how to improve the smoothness of their skin. I hope to remove the thought that cellulite is “ugly”. My job is to empower you with knowledge about the phenomena and how to address it, if that’s what you want.

For those who want to know, yes it is possible to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite…what is this phenomena that we were taught to hate?
Cellulite is sometimes called the orange peel or cottage cheese syndrome. It’s also referred to as the mattress phenomenon and that’s because the layer under the skin looks similar to a mattress. In your mind, picture a mattress that is filled with balls and covered with a sheet of material. Between the balls there are short bands that hold everything tightly together. The thin sheet of material is the skin and the balls are fat cells filled with toxins. Every time you pick up weight the balls get larger causing the dimpled appearance of the skin as it pushes up against the surface while the bands still try to hold everything down. The thinner your skin, the more visible the cellulite or dimpling can be. It’s basically the texture of the skin and the quality of the layered skin.

Who can get cellulite? 
Women, and even men, can get it and it usually affects the abdomen, legs, buttocks and pelvic region and occurs mostly after puberty. Cellulite is less visible in men, only because their skin is thicker than female skin. Female skin also tends to lose elasticity as we are said to age faster than males.

What is the cause? 
There are many causes of cellulite, but eating too much fatty, processed food, simple carbohydrates as well as salt and sugar are the main factors. Other cellulite-causing culprits include genetics, hormones, lack of exercise, little to no muscle tone, toxins within the body and whether you have a high fat percentage as this leads to more fat cells that are also larger in size. Have you ever seen an olympic sprinter with cellulite? But, you will see many longer distance regular runners with cellulite. You also need to choose your panties wisely as tight elastics around the butt is said to cause cellulite as it may constrict the blood flow in the area. 

Can I do anything to get rid of it? 
Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for cellulite. You can however manage cellulite with lifestyle changes. Personally, I go through phases with my cellulite. If i’m adding weight, there will be cellulite. However, I have zero cellulite when I’m eating clean, supplementing with collagen, powering through leg routines, lifting weights, doing inclines, sprinting, hiking, running and doing stairs. But, if you squish your skin together, sit funny or get a different angle of course you’re going to see cellulite- it’s totally normal!

Here’s the plan I use to minimise the appearance of cellulite!

Get Moving:

Training regularly will increase circulation and that will lead to firmer skin. It also stimulates collagen and the amount of human growth hormone released by your body- both of which have thickening effects on the skin thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, providing it with more oxygen and nutrients. This also provides a detoxing effect so any toxins in your cells will be released. Furthermore, your training will also help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, which makes the fat cells become smaller, and that will make the skin’s surface appear smoother. Now, don’t rush off to perform hours on the stationary bike, as cardio alone is not the answer to the end of cellulite! You need to do some sort of resistance training as well. Weight-bearing exercises provide the muscles under the skin with oxygen, allowing it to remove toxins from the body efficiently- and to remove cellulite, we must target the toxins that are stuck in the fat cells as well as to increase overall muscle mass.

I would recommend three weight training sessions per week of about 45 minutes. You’ll want to include exercises such as squats, deadlifts, step-ups, leg raises and my favourite exercise- the kettlebell swing! Running will also help you, but incline walking is the key to minimising your cellulite as it tones your muscles and creates circulation in the lower body while also increasing the quality of muscles, allowing them to push the cellulite-causing toxins out of the body. Try skipping, training using the stairs, and incline sprints also work well.

If you need further help with your training plan, you can always turn to my 8-week Newbie Body Guide and my 6-week Tush Sculpt, which focuses on the lower body if that is your concern and you don’t have an Apple device. If you do, download my fitness app, RushTushFit.

You also need to focus on what you put in your body:

Real fat loss is slow and steady, so resist any urges to try fad diets in a desperate attempt to drop the kilograms. Yo-yo dieting confuses cells and leads to them becoming irregular in shape, which makes the cellulite appear more pronounced. You see, yo-yo dieting may lead to weight loss, but then you gain it again and decide to try another crash diet, and so your fat cells are filled, emptied and then filled again. Remember it’s not just fat accumulation that causes the cottage cheese effect, but also the structure of the fat. So ladies, you simply have to maintain a healthy eating regimen because consuming simple carbs, sugars and fatty fast food doesn’t help you achieve smoother skin. Cutting down on sugar will have a massive effect on lessening cellulite! Also, drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from the body and change the texture of your skin. Water retention is known as one of the biggest contributors to cellulite. We are always told that we should up our water intake in cases of water retention and you might think that that is counterproductive, but consuming water will allow the body to eliminate the amount of water that is stored under the skin. Try fresh lemon in hot water every day upon rising. You can also have my Bad Bitch Juice which contains grapefruit and lemon- ingredients are known to minimise cellulite. 

You can also try the famous Hulk Juice from my Glow Cleanse. It is loaded with lemon and greens as it helps emulsify the stubborn fat deposits so that they can be flushed out more easily. 

Add the following food to your plate, as they may help minimise cellulite. 

Berries as it helps flush out toxins.
Papaya as it prevents irregularity under the skin’s surface.
Grapefruit- eat one a day. 
Oily fish  
Green leafy vegetables- actually eat plenty of any veggies for that matter! 
Diuretic fruits such as pineapple, celery, cucumber, onions and asparagus.

Start supplementing with collagen…today already.

Collagen is the “cellulite smoother” that you just have to add into your diet! I talk about the amazing benefits of collagen all the time because I want women everywhere to experience the magical results of this powerful powder. Yes, your body does have collagen, but as you age you start to lose your natural supply. The hormonal change also results in collagen loss and skin becoming thin. But, as your collagen level increases through supplementation your skin walls will begin to get stronger again and will hold onto more moisture. The skin will also become firmer, thicker, more hydrated, more elastic and smoother than a baby’s bottom. This makes cellulite less noticeable. Many studies have shown that supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen peptides every day for 10 weeks can smooth uneven skin, increase skin density, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hello, cellulite-free body! 

Women have reported seeing results on my collagen in less than two weeks! Isn’t that amazing? Replenish your skin’s collagen by simply adding RushTush Hydrolyzed Collagen to your smoothies, water or Hulk Juice. It’s a best seller because more women are catching on to its wonderful benefits. It is an essential nutritional supplement used for smoother skin. Shop my hydrolyzed collagen via the RushTushLife app. A 200g bag retails for R315 and the 450g costs R630. Take 15g per day and while you’re at it, add protein-rich food which contains collagen such as; bone broth, beef, eggs, chicken and beans as well as foods high in zinc, copper and vitamin C (from citrus fruits, peppers, tomato, broccoli and greens) to your meals. 

Lastly, rigorously massaging the area and applying topical creams do have some effect as it stimulates blood flow. Dry brushing is also great as it improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and helps break down toxins. Here’s the problem though, the effects are temporary! Even the latest technology, such as radiofrequency, body-firming treatments and laser lipo can only help to a certain extent as the skin has a turnover period and is constantly being renewed. So, if you are going to go this route, just know that it won’t be permanent and you’ll soon realise that exercise, increasing collagen and making healthier food choices is the only way to really combat cellulite. That is why I can only advise that treatments be done as an addition to a healthy lifestyle, not as the only way to rid the body of cellulite. 

I know all of this sounds like hard work, but what amazing success story didn’t require effort? I hope you use these tips and share your RushTush Hydrolyzed Collagen purchases and cellulite-control journey with me on social media. Tag me on Instagram @rushtush and @rushtushlife. Remember to do this for yourself and only if cellulite is causing you distress because trust me, nobody actually cares. For me, there’s nothing better than a babe rocking her favourite outfit with confidence! I look forward to seeing your skin-firming results! 

Love, RushTush xoxo

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No Gym, No Problem

Not everyone has access to the gym, especially during this time of the Coronavirus national lockdown. Now more than ever people are looking for ways to stay active in their own space. 

Home gyms are also becoming more popular in recent years because it saves on time as you don’t need to drive anywhere and women can train at home and not need to leave their children or babies. Not to mention that some women generally don’t like to train in public or infront of men. Some are even still weary of the weights section in the gym so they stick to the treadmill and miss out on the incredible benefits that weight training has to offer. The above are just some of the reasons why I created my ‘women only’ gym and later my fitness app, called RushTushFit. I believe that fitness should be accessible to all women who want to train and lead active lives. 

So, how do you train at home and still achieve major results? 

When planning a fitness programme, I recommend that you keep in mind factors like structure and progression. There is a lot of free content out there, which is why I appreciate each and every woman who uses my Glow Guides or my fitness app. But, the problem with working out with free content willy nilly is that it usually isn’t worked out by a personal trainer who has built a programme with proper structure. This allows you to grow with the programme and progress to new levels by adding weight or more complex moves as you go along. For example; a beginner gym-babe programme might begin with a basic chair squat , but by week five that women should be able to do weight-bearing squats and even jump squats while not compromising on form. It is also important that preventative strengthening and prehab movements are incorporated into your programme, no matter what your fitness level or skill level is. This reinforces stabilizers and builds a rock solid foundation. One that isn’t easily injury prone.

Build a solid foundation

Cardio should be the foundation of your routine and should be performed at least three times a week at first. Aim for 30 minutes to an hour. You can then add more sessions and add High Intensity Interval training as your fitness improves. HIIT training can be done for up to 20-30 minutes. You can even do 10 minute HIIT workouts! Cardio doesn’t have to be complex or done on a machine like a treadmill. So, you definitely don’t need access to a gym to complete your sweat sessions. 

For cardio, it’s important to choose what you enjoy so that you don’t skip any sessions. You can try skipping, Zumba, a home workout video, walking, jogging, yoga, dancing or running on the spot or around the block. You can also incorporate all of these options so you never get bored! Also, for the ladies that are looking to lean out their legs and tone their butts, a great tip is adding stairs and walking uphill. Getting out into nature is wonderful for your body. I love taking my sons for walks in the fresh air! Fresh air always does the body good. 

Take your body to the next level

I also recommend 2-3 weight-bearing sessions of around 30 to 45 minutes. If your focus is on weight loss then it is best to make all of them full body workouts. If you want to focus on building your glutes, then up to two lower body sessions are recommended. 
You can use the following home items as weights: 

  • Filled water bottles
  • Filled milk cartons
  • Filled detergent bottles 
  • Canned goods
  • 2kg to 5kg packet or rice or flour 
  • Fill an overnight travel bag with clothes and use it when performing front-loaded squats. 
  • Get creative and pick up chairs and ottomans if you have too.

You can also use paper plates or towels as gliders during leg exercises as well as books during yoga workouts if you do not have yoga blocks and need to work on a specific asana (yogi word for stretches). Be creative but keep in mind that in order to grow your muscles, including your booty ones, you’ll need to add resistance. 

Create your own Sweat Session Section 

Having a home gym means no driving to the gym and no time wasting. So you will have more quality moments with family. It is also great because the equipment is yours forever. It needn’t be expensive and you can also build on your sweat section over time by purchasing one piece of equipment every month. If you are ready to take the p[lunge] and purchase your own gym equipment then look out for these pieces and consider it an investment towards creating a healthier sexier you. 

Glow Girl Gym essential list: 

  • Skipping rope for cardio. There’s a reason why boxers use it! It is such an inexpensive tool for slimming. 
  • You can also add an aerobic step. 
  • They are great if you want to take things to the next level with at home step workouts. They are also great for leg exercises like elevated one-legged lunges. 
  • Medicine ball. Look out for one of about 3kg.
  • 2 x light dumbbells. You can also add a medium and heavy set. Please don’t be afraid of weights ladies! Use dumbbells that are 3, 4 or 5kg.
  • Ankle weights. They are great for leg workouts.
  • Booty bands. They are affordable and you can take them anywhere! They create resistance for leg workouts and activations. Look out for the material version as the latex ones tend to slip down your legs during training. 
  • Kettlebells! Kettlebells and more kettlebells! Of course they would be on the list. Get a medium weight of about 8kg and something heavier, such as a 10kg or 12kg.
  • Music. Make workout playlists to keep you motivated. You can also listen to my Getting Started and Doing it playlistson Spotify. 

If you need help creating a structured routine at home and tips on how to use the above equipment effectively then I have a few options available. These three options can definitely help you achieve your goals- whether that is weight loss, maintenance, building lean muscle or firming your butt. 

The Newbie Body Guide

This is an 8-week programme specifically designed for those new to fitness or those who want to brush up on techniques. The guide will show you what exercises to do, when to do cardio and HIIT training sessions and how to create a routine moving forward. And, the best part is that the sessions are only 30 minutes long! Yes, that’s all you need when you are training effectively. 

The Tush Sculpt

They call me RushTush for a reason! That’s because I know how to get any booty into shape. Tush Sculpt is designed for advanced babes with gym experience that are looking to take their bodies to the next level. It is a six week DIY weight training programme that lifts the booty and slims the legs so you don’t have to worry about them becoming bulky. You will need an instagram to follow the videos.

The RushTushFit app

In the app you can choose from different options and workout programmes according to your goal and fitness level. So pick your programme and train with me from as little as R250 per month for the year. Or you can choose the pay as you go option for R299.99 per month. Your first two weeks are free!

All of these options are exactly how I have trained my ladies in the gym as well as how I train myself. Now I can bring you my methodology in an accessible and easy way. I can not wait to train with you at your home and show you how to create the body you deserve by stepping into your higher self, through regular training.

Don’t forget to share your results with me. I would love to celebrate your achievements with you. Join the Be a Badass with a Great Ass Facebook page and tag me @rushtushand @rushtushlife on Instagram. Remember I am also around if you need assistance or have any questions during your journey. 

All the best, 

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Mom Guilt by Rushda Moosajee

I’m a modern woman. I make the rules I like, work for me, the ones I don’t, I chuck. My husband always says I push limits, test things and see how far I can take something unorthodox. I guess I married a man that would subtly remind about boundaries, but at the same time support me as I break societal norms and cultural expectations. As far as MOMMYING and DADDYING GO, we are both doing our best. People often ask. How do you deal with MOM GUILT? lol. This is a whole new concept to me. I didn’t know I was supposed to feel guilty for being alive with basic human needs, once I became a mom. At the same time, how come no one was throwing around DAD GUILT? Turns out modern day moms feel guilty, when they leave their kids to go to work, run errands, perform tasks of personal grooming, have lunch with friends, a date night and so forth. I don’t recall my mom feeling guilty having to work and contribute to a better life for me and herself as a kid. I was grateful my introverted mom has her independence, her own life with friends and maybe the odd hobby. I understand many of us moms have to go to work. For me its non negotiable. My career is who I am. My independent financial freedom is something I will always keep investing in. I can do as I please with my money, spend it however I wish on my son and my family. Running your own business means no maternity leave, no medical aid and no sick leave. Everyday I work on building enough for all my maternity leave in the future. Time and memories with my family is what I grind for every day. I went back to work 3 months post birth. IT WAS HECTIC. For many reasons. One being I WAS EXHAUSTED. You only really get out of the woods after 4 months. The woods is a term I use to describe the fight or flight survival instinct as new parents. Being exhausted means your body and mind cannot recover. It can’t overcome stress and can’t succeed physical trauma (birth). 

The second reason was the stress of BREASTFEEDING, especially because I wasn’t a successful pumper. I was rushing home between sessions with the girls and my own training and some life to repeat. I feel these two reasons were the major contributing key elements resulting in my HAIR LOSS. Of course not to mention the halting production of Growth Hormone once you’re no longer preggy. 

SO STRESS AND EXHAUSTION. How do I combat stress? I make sure things are being managed.

I stopped breastfeeding for several reasons, I don’t want to go into too much detail. My milk supply wasn’t keeping up. I wasn’t getting any rest, I was drained, my body wasn’t recovering due to zero sleep. My husband being an excellent father stepped up to do every single night shift when I stopped nursing. He wakes up to this day when Haydar cries. He soothes him and offers him his bottle. Haydar loves falling asleep on his chest and they have endless cuddles. Some people just cope fine with less sleep than others. I don’t, he does, lucky me. He understood how important it was for me to sleep and recover. Do I feel guilty about this? No. Not at all. I’m taking care of myself so I can take care of Haydar.

In the beginning its easy to cart a baby with you to gym, the salon, errand running and lunch. Once they grow into their own independence, they want to do their own thing. Since day 1 I’ve tried to be as easy going ad adaptable with Hay. Taking him everywhere with me, making him feel comfortable and confident in different environments. I’ve also allowed him to sleepover at his grandparents and visit family often, many play dates with cousins etc. I want him to live his best life, and that doesn’t always mean he wants to run errands, hang out at the gym or sit with me having lunch. We are lucky enough to have family support and eager hands to spend time with him. It’s beyond just babysitting. His days are filled with activities like walks, play dates, art, park outings, garden visits, swimming, the aquarium and school. I don’t want to bound him to me. I want him to be independent and free thinking. Am I guilty when I go to get my hair done? No. I am not. Wrestling a toddler who wants to clearly play at home with all his toys is far happier in his own routine. Am I happier once getting my hair done? Absolutely! We both stay winning. Lol

I’m also very lucky that I work for myself, I can take Haydar with me anywhere. To the gym, important events, on shoot, radio interviews and to train my girls, he’s on the beach when we train and on the prom with us when we run. When I was ready to fall preggies, I had established a work routine that would allow me to take time off. Being a personal trainer is demanding, as you have to be available for people outside of their working hours. Early hours of the morning and late at night. Being in control of my hours, I don’t work on Fridays. It has always been my time to run the mountain, be creative, catch up on marketing, new projects and do meetings I can’t fit into the week. Friday mornings has now become Rush & Hay Swimming Mornings. eish. I hate the pool but I love my son. He is part of my life and I’m lucky I created my business to include him. He is the original Glow Baby and has inspired so much of what I do and have created. MOMMA GLOW DIET is because of my breastfeeding journey with Hay. I hope to build many more products in the future, with my next pregnancy inshallah. My first pregnancy I was too focused on other things, but going forward, I am to create projects around a holistic approach to healthier families.

Do I suffer from MOM GUILT? NO. If I suffered from anything it would be FOMO. Lol. I need to remind myself that I shouldn’t smother him, but allow him to grow too, and spend time with other people that love him. Its selfish for me to want him in my space 24/7 when I am working on my own agenda, perhaps dragging him along, when he is tired or he could be galavanting with family members living his best life. All this time, I thought my kids would wait on me, when I’m out here waiting on him! Haydar, living his best life!

Love, new mom Rushtush