Advanced Guide – Upper Body


The Bodyweight Series was developed for women who want to gain confidence in their fitness and body but are unable to make it to a gym or don’t have access to a gym because of travel. It was designed to compliment weight training days and can also be used for extra cardio resistance. The Bodyweight Series is based on your bodyweight only, so you won’t need any equipment! 

The Advanced Guide to Upper Body is a step-by-step 30 minute lower body (arms, chest, upper back, shoulders and core) workout using your own bodyweight, for you to complete in the privacy of your own home, outdoors or in the gym.

We recommend you follow this phase of your programme for 3-4 weeks at at time, after which I believe it is most beneficial to move on to the next phase of the series. This will prevent your body from adapting and plating. It is essential for optimal results that the body is continuously challenged in order for it change and develop.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced phases are available for purchase separately here.

This product is an eBook, a digital downloadable. The link to download your guide will be available immediately upon purchase. Simply click on the link found in your order receipt sent to your email address.


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