Winter Glow


The Winter Glow Cleanse is a detailed 4 week detox guide designed for you and your family, to assist with losing fat while preserving muscle during colder months. It is the sister cleanse to my original Glow Cleanse, except it is built on heartier, more lean, comfort food. Expect to enjoy 4 more soups, including the famous Hulk Soup, as well as a healthy curry ‘Hot Chikka Masala,’ ‘Flex Frikkadels’and ‘Skinny Hot Chocolate’. It is high in protein, vegetable meals and snacks. Look forward to enjoying fresh juices, plenty of greens, Glow Tarts and even Muscle Pancakes for breakfast! Its too good to be true!

*Not a single salad is needed to be enjoyed during winter.*

This product is an eBook, a digital downloadable. The link to download your guide will be available immediately upon purchase. Simply click on the link found in your order receipt sent to your email address.

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