Learn how to go from zero to five kilometres with my super easy guide in just 4 weeks!

My passion has always been to show people the beauty in movement, to show them what it’s like to enjoy to move. One of the best types of movement, in my opinion, for overall mental-clarity, self-discovery and well-being in general, is to run. That’s why I wrote Hottt To Trot, to take away the doubt of “it’s impossible.”

In this ebook you will learn about not doing too much too soon as we prevent stress injury. You will also receive a printable weekly calendar breaking your program down, day for day. My goal was to make it bulletproof.

Allow me to show you how good it can feel to run confident with your head held high and a smile. Be on the lookout for new RushTushFit App weight-lifting programme to compliment your running, launching soon.

This is an E-BOOK, a digital product. The link to download your guide will be available immediately upon purchase. Simply click on the underlined link found in your order receipt sent to your email address.

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