Slim Thicc


Slim Thicc is a balanced varied 4 week eating plan, to be used on rotation to build a thicker and stronger physique. Once the initial 4 weeks foundation is completed you may choose your favourite weeks and meals to build a Slim Thicc lifestyle that suits you. No food groups or allergens are omitted. Like all RushTush Glow Guides, it is high in proteins and greens including fats and carbohydrates. The meal plan consists of vegetable juices, smoothies, snacks, salads and warm meals, all with guided recipes and a supplement list.

In order to achieve a fuller figure, lifting weights is essential to this goal, along with focusing on the correct quantities of quality nutrition. For lean women or girls looking to add weight, aggressive cardio is counterproductive to your goals. Fat burning cardio is best prescribed to still achieve a desirable body fat while holding onto maximum muscle gains. HIIT is still advised twice per week. Download the RushTushFit App for more guided cardio prescriptions as well as the correct weight training that is best suited to enhance your shape and muscle.

This product is an eBook, a digital downloadable. The link to download your guide will be available immediately upon purchase. Simply click on the link found in your order receipt sent to your email address.

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