Bump Glow


Bump Glow is a specialised eating plan for pregnant women, it is not a weight loss diet. You cannot cut calories while growing life. At the same time, how far can we take “eating for two.” I’ll be putting your mind at ease on how to really glow during your pregnancy. Increasing nutrient needs is essential for foetal development as well as to support maternal issues, therefore no food groups are omitted. The goal is to have you functioning in an optimum state, creating the perfect hub for your unborn child. However, If you have been instructed to lose some weight by your doctor for medical reasons, Bump Glow is the one for you!

The 4-week eating plan is to be repeated on a cycle up until the birth of your baby. Once the initial 4 week foundation period is completed you may choose to follow it from week 1 again or choose your favourite weeks and meals to build a Bump Glow lifestyle that suits you.

Bump Glow includes education on pregnancy fitness as well as other tips and educational info. Slow and steady training is better than no training. For more help and info on Pump The Bump on my fitness app, download RushTushFit. I have a comprehensive weight and cardio program d esigned just or you.

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