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The Momma Glow can be used for however long you decide to nurse your baby. The 4 weeks are meant to be repeated on a cycle until desired results are achieved. Once the initial 4 week foundation is completed, you may choose your favourite weeks and meals to build a Momma Glow lifestyle that suits you.

The Momma Glow is a balanced diet. No food groups or allergens are omitted. I do cover substitutions on page 8 if you suffer from allergies. You will find DAIRY, NUTS & GLUTEN in this guide – remember that you are producing BREASTMILK. A restrictive diet won’t produce the best milk. The diet is flexible, it is designed to give you and your baby the best.


  • This is for women who are BREASTFEEDING/NURSING. Exclusively or not.
  • For best results, you should be performing some type of physical exercise. Although many women have followed a number of my Glow Diets and still managed to see positive results.
  • Breastfeeding does not guarantee weight loss.

This product is an eBook, a digital downloadable. The link to download your guide will be available immediately upon purchase. Simply click on the link found in your order receipt sent to your email address.

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